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Treasure Island Media Liam ColeWhen a new guy comes in for an interview I always take some snapshots to record how he looks on the day. I don’t usually post those pictures on here because they’re basically the naked equivalent of a mugshot, and I think men look better having sex than they do standing stiffly and alone in an interview situation.

…. however, some interview pictures come out so well that it seems a shame to hide them. This is Ryan, and he’s a case in point. It’s impossible to take a bad picture of this long, lean, white-skinned, shaven-headed Brit (check out the English flag tat). Not just easy on the eye, Ryan was also totally unaffected, easygoing and irrepressibly horny. He was rock-hard before he even got his underwear down, and once we got onto the subject of what he’s into sexually (including eating cum out of hairy asses after they’ve been fucked) it was obvious that he’s one of us.

Treasure Island Media Liam ColeTreasure Island Media Liam ColeWatch this space for more of Ryan in future…

Treasure Island Media Liam Cole

  1. “2 thumbs up” is a good phrase.

    Coincidentally, I was editing a scene today which includes a top guy sticking both thumbs inside the bottom guy’s ass and working his hole like that before fucking him.

    So, yeah, 2 thumbs up.

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