Bad Influence: London Sex Party (Tommy Haine)

Here are some more of the unused promo stills from Bad Influence. These are from the first half of Scene 7: London Bareback Sex Party, with Tommy Haine taking loads. I’ll post stills from the second half (with Adam King bottoming) soon.

To see the stills we did use, follow this link to the Bad Influence page. And if you haven’t seen it already, check out this video interview with Tommy Haine here.

  1. u people are all so deluded. do u really think he wasnt hiv+ before seeking out this particular company to do porn for? please. barebacking is a subculture of hiv+ people having sex with hiv+ people. people who are negative shouldn't do it. period. no one thinks otherwise.


  2. Tommy like Dawson is just a sweet sweet boy. One that just makes you want to pop a load watching him getting knocked up. I would like to see him in a 2 hour gang bang starting with a a 100 load devils dick followed by dick after dick after dick and load after load after load. To watch sweet Tommy boy get used over and over an slowly loose control and his need for cock and cream take over. Man I need to whack off just thinking about that.

    TIM needs to make Tommy an exclusive and start working on training him to be like Dawson. The European version of Dawson.


  3. Right now I’m working on getting a Tommy scene into the next video, but I can’t confirm anything yet.

    When I know what scenes will be in the next video I will post details on this blog.

  4. Tommy is so hot and looks so good getting fucked and taking loads. Any luck getting him back in front of the cameras Liam?

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