Bad Influence: Ralph + Peter

Here’s some more of those unused promo stills from Bad Influence. These are from Scene 4: Ralph blows Peter.

To see the stills we did use, follow this link to the Bad Influence page. And if you haven’t seen it already, check out this video interview with Ralph here.

  1. Hi Frank.

    I hope I can solve that mystery.

    There were two trailers made for Bad Influence. Is the darker skinned man in this trailer on the TIM website, here:

    If this isn’t the trailer you’re talking about, then you must have seen the original trailer. That included alot of footage that wasn’t used in the final cut of the video, which is why I made a new trailer.

  2. I have a general comment about Bad Influence. It was a great movie that was made even better by seeing the interviews posted on the TIM Blog page. I was left with one question, in the preview for the movie there is a darker skinned man and I did not see him in the movie. I know that many scenes are lost on the cutting room floor, was that one of those scenes as well?

  3. I really love when I see that boy licking the floor, and I love even more the guy who cum on him, really really HOT !

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