New model interview: Dane Beck

Treasure Island Media Liam Cole Dane BeckThis is Dane Beck. He came by for an interview yesterday, that’s why you can see him filling in his interview form here. He looks pretty serious in these pictures (and seriously pretty), but he was actually friendly, down to earth and charming.

Dane wants to be in a TIM video, taking loads in his mouth and ass from as many men as we can line up. Obviously, I’m working on doing that for him as soon as possible.

Treasure Island Media Liam Cole Dane BeckTreasure Island Media Liam Cole Dane Beck

  1. you seriously have the best job in the world…..cannot wait to see Dane in action…..

  2. Glad you like him. Dane had his first TIM session yesterday. He swallowed six good loads in less than an hour. A nice start. Next stop will be his ass.

  3. I love how you’re getting more and more younger bottoms who want to be cum dumps in the mix.

  4. I’d love to do a scene with him he is hot……. but i have a disgusting ass injury and can’t possibly lol

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