Scene 2: Vince and Myles breed David

DAVID is a premium slab of British brawn. Forget the old cliche of “black guy = aggressive top.” This pig is a total, true-blue cumslut bottom who lives to take loads in his ass, never happier than when he’s roasting between two hard, raw cocks.

The shoot climaxes with DAVID on his feet bent over the end of the bed, legs planted wide apart, with me lying underneath him getting the best view in the house. VINCE and MYLES take turns plugging his ass until they both dump big loads on and into his sloppy hole, showering gobs of spunk and ass juice down into the camera and onto my face. I’ve got the best job in the world.

  1. excuse me for being abrupt ,but your heading is inapropriate for your website i represent wildbreed bikers, harley riders badass mother fuckers and we dont take kindly to seeing our name on your heading representing gay porn ,we would appreciate you removing it TODAY,we will not be asking you to do this again!
    Wild Breed Bikers

    1. I only just saw this message. Sorry bikers, but we’re badass fuckers too, and equally entitled to the words WILD BREED. Live with it.

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