Playpit is the “seed-iest” dive in London. It’s the site of so much raw man-on-man debauchery that the basement walls positively ooze sleaze. RIO, SEB, and JASPER uphold the tradition, gradually dissolving the boundaries between their bodies until they become one glistening, heaving mass of young male flesh, cocks, assholes and mouths.

SEB’s handsome face presses into RIO’s hole, his tongue digging inside to taste the seed he planted there before moving his mouth to RIO’s, transferring the taste of cum and ass from tongue to tongue. At the same time JASPER aims a long, hot stream of piss directly into RIO’s ass, which the bottom holds spread open, already wet with saliva and spunk.

These guys start out making a “porn” scene, but finish up in a deep, intense groove together, oblivious to the camera and lost in lust.


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