When you’re 29 like NIKOS, there’s a type of man who might appeal to you more deeply than anyone your own age. He’s older but not old, hot but not pretty, and his body is bigger, heavier-set, stronger than your own. It’s also more heavily decorated with tattoos, scars and salt-and-pepper fur: the signs of time gone by.

He’s “Daddy.” You might never become what he is. You’re not a kid now but you’re definitely the younger man–and that means he’s going to fuck you, hard and deep, and cum inside you with everything he’s got. All that’s required of you is to meet him thrust-for-thrust, hold on tight, and ride his fat cock all the way home without looking back.

That’s how I see this encounter between DARREN and NIKOS.

  1. Wild Beastly Breed…raw, ripe, rank, raunchy,
    a complete exchange and sharing of body fluids,
    Sex the way it was meant to be..Animalia.

  2. Actually anonymous, Nikos is the bottom in this scene. Darren is the daddy. 🙂

    Thanks Marcus, glad you agree!

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