“You disgust me”

Sometimes I send messages to guys with interesting profiles on sites like barebackrt and gaydar, inviting them to be in a Treasure Island Media video. It’s not often that I get a response as affronted as this one, from a guy advertising as an escort in London:

Thanks, but even for a solo scene it would be career suicide to be associated with your label. I know there are many people who have a real problem with labels such as yours, and who describe you as purveyors of death.

I personally am surprised that you are allowed to continue with impunity and not be prosecuted by the authorities for fuelling the endemic spread of HIV in recent years which weighs heavily both on our community and scarce resources that are required to kit newly-infected people out with medications. Do you honestly think that in the new economic climate these meds are going to continue to be dispensed no questions asked? There is a timebomb ticking, and one day soon when these meds are rationed or withheld altogether you and your partners will have what conscience you still have left to search.

What can be more sick and twisted than to profit from an activity that is still killing gay men; if not from AIDS then from the ghastly side effects from the toxic medications that wreak havoc on the human body? And now you are trying to solicit gay men on sites like these to participate when you are fully aware that the commercial sex scene is in decline and gay men are more desperate and prepared to take risks. You disgust me.”

I’d reply, but my account mysteriously got deleted shortly after this message arrived, due to someone reporting me for breaking the website’s T&Cs. However, today wasn’t all doom and gloom, because I also got this text message from one of the guys from my videos – the one who had been messaging me last year when he was grappling with the should’s and should-not’s of barebacking. Things have moved on a little since then…

Discovered another party drug called NRG last weekend which made me even more of a cum slut. Went round to a couple’s place to top the younger guy but eventually ended up on my back next to the bottom with the top taking turns with our holes. The bottom had already taken 5 loads from earlier guys so my arse got juiced up too and then the top blew his first load inside me, which was a big one after 12 hours of fucking. I then blew my load inside the bottom. Well horny! x

  1. I hear good things about NRG supposed to be the miaow replacement. The big issue is not hiv anyway it's hep c.

  2. I think that is what professionals call a bipolar disorder.

    and wtf? when i say 'you disgust me' its a term of endearment. Please continue to disgust me.

  3. Hi Dave,

    I don't have a message. I simply wanted to point up the contrast between two correspondences that I received on the same day.

    One is fearful of the future, angry at others for not sharing his fears, and implicitly advocates censorship by criminalisation of the representation of sex between men without condoms. He doesn't mention the vast amount of condom-free videos produced by the straight porn industry, so it's unclear whether he'd like to see heterosexuals lose that freedom, or only gay men.

    Clearly the second guy is not making an argument against the first. He is concerned only with recounting the pleasures he has shared with others.

    I don't know who is "right".

    But I'm very glad you like my drawings. Thankyou!


  4. Hey Liam
    You (probably) know I'm someone with a long term interest in your work and I honestly believe that moral and ethical concerns and (your/any) art itself should always be separated, but the message here seems kinda confusing – the first guy makes some fair points, and following that up with what amounts to someone admitting their actions were made with impaired judgment doesn't seem to resolve anything about his argument.
    I love your work but accept that a lot of folk view it in the realm of both fantasy and something (sadly) unattainable; I also have no illusions that my own sexual choices are of interest to anyone else or that easily influenced, but I don't represent sexuality in the public domain – well, not that often..!
    Just some thoughts, but keep it up; yr. artwork never fails to raise a … smile at least!
    Yours (far from disgusted),

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