Confessions of a BB cunt

Here’s an awesome recent post from a blog called Confessions of a BB cunt. What he says shows that exchanging loads is still a huge part of the IML experience, whether the organisers like it or not. IML may have banned Treasure Island Media from the event this year, but they couldn’t stop us from having our usual TIM Cockpit (sex) Party in Chicago. The bb cunt blogger’s post says:

I just wanted to give you guys a quick update on my first visit to IML in Chicago. THIS is what the guys see as soon as they enter my room:

I am up to 58 loads at the moment. Sunday still ahead of me – looking forward to TIM’s COCKPIT party… Brad McGuire (YES, THAT one!) said: “oh, you definitely should come, u ‘ll be VERY popular…” Well, guess I HAVE to check that out….

  1. Erik H, consider yourself lucky…. at least you'll be able to live a bit before you get AIDS.

  2. Damn that guy is lucky as hell!

    It's hard being a 19 year old bottom in Utah, and not having 58 load weekends! Lol.

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