Scene 5: Woodland Cruising


Treasure Island Media’s slogan is, “Documenting male sexuality in the 21st century.” Never has that been more true than in this scene. Hampstead Heath is the UK’s most famous cruising ground. For decades men have met here for anonymous sex under cover of the forest. I took my camera down there one evening to try to document what goes on.

As “bait” I took my friend LUKE, a greedy, indiscriminate, versatile young cumwhore who agreed to cruise the woods for horny strangers while I filmed. I tried to be discrete with my camera, and if they saw it I passed it off as something LUKE and I taped for our own personal use, promising I wouldn’t record their faces.

It was a long night but we got what we came for. You’ve never seen anything like this in porn. Luke is approached from several directions by men who push his face onto their cocks, pull his pants down to fuck his ass, and back their own greedy holes onto his pole–all without a word of introduction, no questions asked. Totally unstaged raw fucking. No “porn stars” or gloss, just real men needing to get off.

This is an unseen face of sub-social man sex, and I’m proud to present it here for posterity. Long may it continue.

  1. This is my favorite scene in any video in along time. It's so hot! Would love to see an entire film like this.

  2. A great peace Liam 🙂 and great shots, as you know, my fave scene from the video :@)

    Hope all is well…. when can we expect your next masterpiece? Still recruiting?

    (Wisley Cursing)

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