Three Positives + A Negative?

While perusing a bunch of bareback blogs as I often do (keeping up with the community), I decided to check out He’s a fan of ours, a cool guy, and his blog is always interesting.

I noticed that he’d written a post called “Slutty Jock Bottom Gets Worked Over by 3 Poz Tops @”. Needless to say it caught my attention. We never give out the HIV status of our models. Let me repeat that: We NEVER give out or discuss the HIV status of our models–or any of their personal info.

But here was RawTop conjecturing about the HIV status of these men. And he went quite a bit further and said they were “not-so-healthy” looking. WTF. Seriously, WTF.

Here’s his entire blurb, “”Healthy” looking jock (JD) gets his ass raped by 3 not-so-healthy looking poz tops…”. Now, I understand that bug-chasing/gift-giving is Raw Top’s passion. Fine. But that’s not what was happening in this scene. What’s happening is that four healthy hardy men are fucking like crazed animals.

Paul is working on a video that’s going to feature nothing but poz men. But this wasn’t it. Whether any or all of these men are poz, neg, martian or whatever is their business and their business only. And for the record, whether you’re poz or neg, you can be perfectly healthy and happy or a total fucked-up wreck. It ain’t the bug anymore.

– Chris Cunningham

Decide for yourself. Check out the scene here: Lito, Calvin, JD and BJ

To see RawTop’s original post: Slutty Jock Bottom Gets Worked Over

  1. I am a neg bugchaser and I would love to do a movie with TIM where I take as many poz loads as it takes for me to convert.I blog on RawTop’s site and and I know there is a HUGE interest in a real conversion move. I want to do this.

  2. socalpig you are such a moran… Are you implying that Arnold Schwarzenegger is POZ also. Although being vascular is something that occurs on HIV+ people, it is also hereditary or could come from heavy weight lifting. I’ve never met Lito, but I am guessing that if he was really rude to you, it’s probably because you are vial, not cuz you were dating a latin friend of his. Since you probably sit on the couch all day, don’t take my word for it….Google it. While you are at it, also google how you can get sued for making remarks about someone else’s medical condition, wether the comment is directly or indirectly. Negative is not only your HIV status, it is who you are too. Sad!

  3. the last thing i wanna see are a bunch of pretty hairless frat bitches or circuit queens mechanically sticking their tongues out and spitting like some jill kelly starlet. i LOVE the look of tim men. admittedly my fave type scene to perv on is a dad(s)/son scene so i tend to like the bottoms smooth & young but i’m all about grizzled, been around the block hung top daddies anyway so i’m happy w/ most tim scenes. this one in particular that rawtop is talking about is FUCKING beautiful and i’m no bug-chaser.

  4. As a fan of both RawTop Blog and TIM vids I definitely wanna add my support to both side. I understand TIM’s side but damn I get off on RawTop’s blog. Im a Neg guy who is constantly wanting to be a BB top like RawTop. Sometimes I do, but been a few years. Seriously I love the TIM videos. The guys are VERY HOT. Great cross-section of men. Just looking for nut! I love this scene. Yeah I even met Lito once (and although he was kinda rude to me – prob cuz i was dating another latin bud of his) but I love seeing his big ole dick just impaling those holes. Hey hes a workout adonis but those veins tell it all… but i love seeing him spreading that charged up seed to eager bottoms, i dont care if they poz or neg. Hey RAW TOP and TIM – you both great in my opinion – KEEP IT UP!

  5. My fantasy porn would be TIM-style raunch but where all the guys look as good (or even better) than JD. While you do seem to have some better-lookers lately, they are typically paired/grouped up with the same-old, same-old older-and-or-doggy guys. (They may be enthusiastic and talented, but the looks ruin it.) Often when you somehow manage to snare a raunch-loving *cutie* for a scene I do a mega-editing job (for personal use) so that I can edit out other the faces (and sometimes most of their bodies) and pretend they’re better-looking. Not easy to do, and the opportunity doesn’t present itself often…

    I’ve seen a couple scenes on TimFuck which make me go “AARRGGH” because they have good guys, but then the video quality and editing suck and squander the tremendous potential. This was most frustrating was Seth Gangbang on 2/24/10. If this had been the quality of your DVD scenes, it would have been insanely hot college-type raunch. But instead the video quality was terrible (so bad you could hardly even detect in cum in the “high bandwidth version”). And when we FINALLY get to see CUTE guy sucking another CUTE guys rod fresh from the bunghole — there’s a FADE AWAY just as it’s STARTING! WTF??? Meanwhile, in the DVD’s, you manage to linger on ATM, but sure not with any guys as cute as this!

    Glad to hear you have Sage Daniels. PLEASE have him with the hair-on-his-head and not-too-much-on-his-ass version of the Sage look. He looks SOOO much better that way! And pair him with another young hunk! He and JD would be a great pairing. (Another site had a crappy pairing of the two — I know TIM could do WAYYY better)

  6. i actually think the guys in the tim videos look better than ever, and in all reality spunk and slutmachine use a lot of the same models that t.i.m. uses, but t.i.m. actually used those models first (jerry stearns, lito cruz, etc). brad mc guire, derek anthony, christian, dawson, and most of the other t.i.m. models look quite healthy, and they are also amazing fuck machines. not all of the t.i.m. models have perfect bodies, but i agree with the last posting- it’s about great sex, not perfect bodies. i don’t think any of the other companies can match t.i.m.’s quality when it comes to hot sex, great camera work, and sexual chemistry on film.

  7. i somewhat disagree with the two above me here, i do agree that i believe most guys in TIM vids are poz and that is what it is, i do love the TIM vids and look forward to seeing more in the future. as far as the porn stars being has beens, i disagree,. i think most are very hot with average to hot bodies. i don’t look for the prefect body, just the prefect sex and have had sex with guys with awesome bodies and the sex was terrible.
    you guys sound like the typical guy onlie looking for hookups with the hottes dude on the site, get real, average normal guys with average bodies are fucking hot cause they are REAL

  8. I’ve been a fan of Treasure Island Media for years. So I say this with the most respect.

    After watching the video I was reminded why I stopped watching TIM videos. As of late (the past few years) Ive watched the decline in the men used in Treasure Island. There was a time when I would lust after breeding the guys in your films. Now with so many porn companies doing bareback film the difference in men used is clearly visible.

    Compared to the guys of other media companies the guys in TIM appear and or are 1) Out of shape and in on form attractive 2) Drugged up (Usually the bottoms lays there as if he is in a G comma 3) The same guys are used over and over. 4) the videos have become predictable

    Other companies are using guys who appear to enjoy sex without looking high, that appear to take care of their bodies via using the gym(Poz & Neg), and they always seem to use new faces not one who are washed up and forgotten about about.

    I live in New York City and I can say that I attend a lot of Bareback sex parties. I can also say that its been a long time since I have seen anyone play a TIM video at their party. Most people I know have all stopped watching TIM. What I listed above I heard dozens of people say .. I have even heard TIM referred to as the Trolls In Media (Not Kidding)

    While I am a fan and appreciate TIM for being ground breaking, capturing the art of sex etc.. I wish it could recapture what it was.

  9. Thanks for mention (I think), but my post was about the appearance of things more than reality. You guys push boundaries and limits with visual innuendo and inference. I know you gotta know you do it – everyone talks about how you do it. I just put what everyone was saying into a blog post with words.

    As far as my conjecturing about HIV status. I sorta just stated the obvious. Some of the tops in that video have what some call “the poz look”. I also know you guys are pretty clear about not having neg bottoms get fucked by poz tops and that the vast majority of your models are poz. It’s not a huge leap to say everyone in the scene was poz (though having been a neg top in one of your videos I suppose one of the tops could be neg). And then it was just a matter of pointing out that the bottom looked the least poz and the most “healthy” and how that visually implies certain things.

    To be clear – my use of the term “healthy” is more in the vernacular and has nothing to do with medical health. One person can look like shit and be healthy as a horse. Another can look great and die the next day – which is why I put “healthy” in quotes – it’s not about real health. Still, our community talks about guys who look “healthy” and guys who don’t, which is inline with my usage of the term.

    It does seem odd to me that you’d deny the models are poz, or not want to discuss the obvious. I’m guessing there are legal/privacy issues on your end. Ultimately I would say we’re probably on the same page. You’re starting a whole series of videos with openly poz guys because you know our poz customers need to see that their status isn’t something that they should be ashamed of – that being poz doesn’t mean they stop being desirable sexually. That’s the same motivation behind my pointing out obviously poz models. It’s really about poz guys not feeling shame. It’s about sexy poz role models.

    And I wouldn’t say bug chasing / gift giving is any more my passion than it is yours. 😉 I just discuss it more openly and frankly than you guys do. I don’t see either as necessarily pathological. We’re the dominant species on our planet. We got to that point by a genetic predisposition to reproduce. The fact that the impulse to reproduce is manifested in gay men (futilely) isn’t surprising, and it’s not surprising that some gay men have romanticized the act of exchanging semen even when we logically know it can harm us. There are very primal forces at play that come from deep in our genetic make up. You put all of that into visual metaphors, I put it into words.

    1. Okay, it gets a little confusing to me. Billy Twee mentioned in a video review about Lito Cruz as being an “openly poz top” (google: openly poz top Lito Cruz) so I’m confused if they were all poz to begin with or this was an actual ‘conversion’ orgy as headlined or Billy Twee was just pulling my leg.

      Btw, you guys in the US are so lucky that being poz isn’t a death sentence anymore. Bug-chasers don’t have to worry anymore about living long healthy lives and can just enjoy the prized ripped poz look. Being from a poor country, people like me can only dream of being able to afford anti-retroviral drugs on our own. So HIV is still a death sentence to people in Africa and Asia who earn $1 per day and can only depend on giveaways from charitable organizations which is only a drop in an ocean 🙁

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