This still is from a recent shoot. The scene’s not due for release yet, but I’m putting the picture here now because this post has a lot of writing and it needed an image to go with it.

I’ve received a couple of interesting emails lately. Here they are, with my replies attached. Admittedly, I’m not actually the oracle on all things fuck, but these guys asked so I tried to answer.

Hi Liam

I need your advice. I’m a horny little cumslut wanting to take the next step in to getting gangfucked raw -where’s the best place to find bb tops? I’ve done door open scenes, been fucked raw at saunas but want to get used and seeded in my own bed. It’s such a turn on to be fucked rough and hard in my own bed. My house is free this week so I want to make the most of it. I’m in zone 3 London and would be interested to hear your thoughts.

I’m a big fan of your work.”

Thanks! Try putting ads on sites like barebackrt and Craig’s list. Set a night in advance, advertise it widely with good pictures of yourself, and make sure you’re easy to contact for address details and directions. Invite more guys than you think you need because it’s likely that at least half of those who say they’re coming will fail to show up on the night (that goes for any sex party). Also, when you’re inviting strangers into your home it’s wise to lock up your valuables and have at least one person that you know there with you, so you have some back-up if any unwanted behaviour kicks off.

If you go ahead with this then I hope you have a great experience and I’d love to hear about it.

Good morning Mr. Cole….

I’ve got a few questions that you might not be able to answer, but I figure I’d try anyway.

I absolutely love your work AND you (I find you so incredibly hot) but the whole poz-sex issue is really something I’m trying to understand.

-Are there any negative performers or are they all poz?
-Is it worth becoming poz in order to enjoy that kind of sex? (I mean, you, Dan Fisk and Brad McGuire would be my ultimate in group sex..)
-Does anybody decide to become poz on screen just for the thrill of it?

Sorry if I’m prying, I’m just really torn. The kind of sex I enjoy is exactly the kind of sex I can’t get because all the men are poz. Getting choked, raped, used, abused, piss, spit, cum, blindfolded, fucked with a plastic bag on my head, are just some of the things I’d love to get into but don’t dare. Is it worth getting pozzed in order to experience it all? Is the sex worth this life changing event?

I just really didn’t know who to turn to to answers to these questions.


Hi, thanks for your message. In answer to your questions:

– Are there any negative performers or are they all poz?
I don’t give out that information about the guys in my videos, but you might be interested in an upcoming porn project that Paul Morris is working on with all poz guys. I don’t know what stage the project is at, but as it comes along I’m sure information will be posted on the TIM blog.

-Is it worth becoming poz in order to enjoy that kind of sex?
By “that kind of sex” I guess you mean bareback fucking, since the other stuff you mention doesn’t carry a risk of HIV infection (ie: spit, blindfold etc.) Remember, not all poz guys bareback and not all barebackers are poz, so it’s more of a grey area than your question implies. Try not to make assumptions about other people’s HIV status, even people like Brad, Dan and myself, because you never know unless you ask (and even then you might be given wrong information). Do a little research about the realities of living with HIV today. That way you can make informed decisions about whether it’s a chance you’re happy to take. Obviously rape role-play, choking, and plastic bags are risky in other ways, and that’s a matter of finding guys you can trust to do that with. Or maybe keep some things as fantasies. I have a few things in my head that I’m pretty sure I’ll never do, but I still enjoy thinking about them.

-Does anybody decide to become poz on screen just for the thrill of it?
That idea works better as a fantasy than a practical possibility. There’d be no way of knowing whether a guy seroconverted or not until he was tested months later, and then we wouldn’t know whether he had seroconverted on the shoot or with someone else on a different occasion. It’s a popular fantasy though, for sure, and not a particularly unhealthy one in my opinion.

Hope that helps.

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