Paul Morris featured in ‘Cephalophore’

The New York City based micro-press established in 2022 explores the intersection of anal eroticism and surrealism in it’s latest edition: “Capitol”

Cephalophore calls on you to lose your head, and start thinking with your ass!—to embrace anality as both a perspective and a practice! Come one, come all—butt sniffing dummies, depth-plumbing nerds, hole-plugging bullies!

Cephalophore Credo

Publication Specs: ~380 pages. 5.5×8.5inch perfect-bound cardstock. Full-color throughout.

Capitol (Cephalophore #3) considers the anality of power and authority, most potently embodied in state and religious architecture from the ancient world to the present. The latest edition also addresses renewed public fascination with the atomic bomb—the most awesome and terrifying symbol of state power—which, amid escalating regional conflicts and rising tensions between nuclear-armed states, has captured the popular imagination with an intensity not seen since the Cold War.

Paul’s essay, Ruminations Inspired by The Taste of a Young Marine’s Ass, is a meditation on the taste and smell of men’s holes over 124 pages that span porn-making, olfactory science, and social history, accompanied by 21 erotic photographs by Paul of men and their asses.

Capitol is the largest Cephalophore publication to date at over 380 pages with additional contributions from over 20 artists, writers, and intellectuals. Past editions of Cephalophore are just as gripping, examining parallels between the deep darkness of the Earth and the Body, or entire cities as both anal playgrounds and geographical centers of gay culture. The prints are high quality, and contain highly engaging, visually rich media ranging from thematic collages, to essays from titans like our own Paul Morris, to new interpretations of poems and exerpts from gay authors. Copies will begin shipping in late February to early March. Past issues have sold out before – so order your copy of Capitol soon!

Cephalophore publishes thoughtfully designed, professionally produced, limited edition artbooks that bring together scholars, artists, pornographers, and others to explore all things anal through eroticism, art history, the occult, and related lenses. Each copy of Cephalophore is printed in runs of under 150 copies, and hand stamped with its print number. We used to call ourselves a zine but—for better or for worse—we’re fancier than that.

From the Editor of Cephalophore: Chuck Garrett, whose background includes making art, books, and exhibitions on the subjects Cephalophore centers. 

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Click here to learn more about Cephalophore, or purchase your own color copy of Capitol. Submissions are open for the next edition of Cephalophore – “Latrinalia,” which will ship in Summer/Fall 2024.





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Cephalophore welcomes like-minded weirdos working in any printable media, and at any level of recognition, from amateurs to established figures leading in their field. Like your favorite local watering hole, Cephalophore smells bad in the best way and isn’t concerned with your social station. Show them your butts, and share your cruising stories!

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