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Found some old videos of my drawings and other activities, things I’d forgotten I’d even done. Here they be:

  1. How talented you are in music, let's share things in the future about it… besides, you got me hard with your Spanish Pork – Bites and licks

  2. Hi Marcus,

    I definitely do take that as a compliment. Devil's Haircut, New Pollution etc. were a cherished part of the soundtrack of my college years.


  3. Liam, thanks for the explanation. Spanish Pork is very Beck-esque (I hope you take that as the compliment it is intended to be).

  4. Hi Eric,

    There never was an actual Joel, but I have a clear idea of him in the story of the song. A clean living, uncomplicated, healthy, happy man who moves into the Lion's den and expects not to get eaten.


  5. Hi Marcus,

    Spanish Pork (the song I'm singing in the fourth video) is a song I wrote and recorded myself.

    The music on the first video of drawings is some Jazz from YouTube, I don't remember what. The music on the second video of drawings is Low Rider by War.

    Hope that answers your question. 🙂


  6. Hey Liam,

    I love all your artwork!
    You post post all your stuff on the blog.
    Keep up the great work!


  7. Thanks Esteban. I'm glad they're playing for you, because today the videos have stopped working for me. I get a message "An error occurred, please try again later". Don't know why.

  8. COOL! 🙂

    Awesome vids! And also cool to try to play them all four at the same time! :o)

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