London Model Interviews this weekend

On saturday this weekend (21 August) I’m interviewing new guys to be in the next TIM video shot here in London. The interviews are informal, 1-to-1 and fun.

If you or someone you know would be interested in coming in then please email me with details and recent pics to


  1. Thanks for your message Barebacked_Belfast. Have a great time at the party, and maybe I'll see you next time I'm doing model interviews.

  2. Hey Liam,
    I'd actually go to your interview this saturday, but it happens to coincide with a bareback party in Nottingham im attending.
    Shame on you for making me choose between interview for TIM and getting loaded. Lol

    Seriously though, Love the porn you guys produce, I've watched a fair bit of porn from other companies, and they all seem to focus on
    1. The twinks,
    2. The roleplay

    But TIM is the one company who actually revels in the 'SEED'Y scenes, which is what I want. I love the idea of BIOLOGICAL SEED/CUM/SPOOGE in copious amounts spilling forth from my ass, or watching it spill forth from an ass on your DVD's.

    I just wish I could be a victi….ahem…. guest of yours, and you could blind fold, tie me up, and get anyone/thing round to use me. I'd make an excelent used condom.

    Once again…
    Shame about the interview clashing with the bb party. 🙁

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