An email from Rob4cum

Here’s an email from a fan in Florida. If you like what you read, and have a load you can give him, then send a message direct to his profile rob4cum at

Liam – I love your mind. You are a genius at getting into the mind of a bareback bottom like me. I want to live out all the fantasies I see in every single one of your videos. You know what us hungry pig bottoms want. I’ve watched your videos for years – fantasizing about letting tops bareback me. I wanted to feel them raw inside me – fucking me like a man and not holding back – I would watch those hot young bareback bottoms taking loads and imagined myself offering my raw neg hole up for everyone to breed. I started to bareback with “neg” tops and I was hooked.

Feeling them cum in me just made me want more. I found top after top to fuck me raw – I got so hungry for cum that as long as their profile said neg I just let them cum in me no questions asked.

I jerked off to your videos with cum in me hole and I imagined it was hot toxic HIV AIDS cum. I kept finding more and more bareback “neg” tops and sometimes I’d get 2-3 loads in a day and then again I’d jerk off watching your vids wishing I could take all those loads. I was fucking poz bottoms all the time – sometimes they had poz cum in their asses and my cock loved that feeling. One pig bottom I fucked took 10-15 loads at a bookstore every weekend- one time i was high and i couldn’t get hard to fuck him so i let him fuck me knowing he was HIV poz – I was imagining that I was now acting out things I had seen in your videos…and I LOVED it! I started to get scared about how far I had taken this…I asked him to pull out but it was too late – my hungry hole had already milked all of his seed into me – he never let on that he had been stroking his sweet gift into my thankful and hungry hole… – when he told me he had cum the shock and fear made me clench immediately on his still shooting cock – I’d crossed a line and there was no going back. I was being given the gift finally – it felt right.

I regretted it a little at first but then I kept watching your videos. I wanted the life of the bottoms I was seeing – You were in my mind and showing me exactly what I wanted.

Later that morning still out of my mind and watching your videos while full of the cum dump’s cum, I found a poz top online and didn’t mention my neg status.. he looked poz and I took his load this time begging him for it. It felt so hot to finally feel comfortable about openly asking for what i wanted and not feeling bad about it. Now I had two poz loads in me and i was finally free – there was no going back – I was becoming an HIV cum dump and let me tell you I have no regrets. I would love to be a blindfolded bottom in one of your videos – I want other young bareback bottoms to see me taking loads and wish it was them. I want to help these boys get the gift and join the club. Hopefully seeing me will encourage them.”

  1. I want to be a cumdump for treasure island exclusively for toxic tops. End the scene with me getting a radioactive tattoo that would partially show from around my filthy jockstrap waistband. I crave viral loads and toxic pig sex.

  2. I was quite honored to have authored this.. and then years later accidentally see it in the beginning of the Adam Lamb gang bang.

    I feel proud! Still whack off to hot conversion scenes – –

  3. hi-ya, grand blog! I would just like to leave a message to say how gratified I am for you managing such a valuable website. I will let my friends and family know about this.

    1. What makes you think that? Sounds a lot like the experiences of plenty of people I know.

  4. Bug-cum is a powerful, right brother? Leakin germ’d jizz in your honor!
    Be proud, be poz, fuck loud, be-cause (poz sex is what we’re made for).

    …be evil.

  5. I have been a huge fan of Treasure Island Media ever since the first porn came out in the late 90s. The men are always hotter and more real than other studios. I bareback on occaision and yeah like you mate I have wondered about bb with poz guys. I have even had bb sex with poz guys. And yes – while I was high too. I don’t discriminate based on status.

    Liam your porn is ultra hot the best out there. You do like to push the envelope artistically and for that you should be congratulated.

    BUT I just have to say this: you are crossing the line here with letting a guy like this post. He has mental health issues and he has a substance abuse problem. In essense you are glorifying his current state – one which will leave him not only with a life long illness but also a drug use problem that will cause him no end of harm. If you don’t believe me or are writing this response off as a conservative citizen voicing outrage…. just meet some of my mates who are struggling with a meth addiction. Guys who once looked hot – muscly, masculine and healthy. And now they look grey, malnourished, unhealthy and are all crying out for help – all wondering why they can’t find relationships, or wondering why their friends have all left them.

    Mate if you want to live your life this way go for it. But ask yourself this buddy: what happens when YOU infect someone who wasn’t as willing to catch the bug as you. Will you enjoy jail time?

    You need some counselling mate – you really do.

    5 years ago I would have jacked off to this post. But now after seeing mates sero convert, see their lives fall apart with meth addiction, see their looks destroyed by a drug that utterly destroys life…. Nah mate. REALITY CHECK.

    Get some help man before you find yourself either in rehab or in jail.


    1. Thanks for your comment Dylan.

      “5 years ago I would have jacked off to this post.”

      That’s why I post messages like this. To jack off to. We can’t choose what turns us on, and if we make it taboo, that makes it even more desirable.

      I agree, there’s nothing hot about drug addiction when it fucks a person up.

      But remember: what happens on this blog is only reading, writing, and looking. If you want to fight drugs in reality, go after the people who are selling it. Nobody became a meth addict by reading a blog.

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