Dutch fuckface

This guy sent me an email about getting his throat bred by a stranger. An ongoing correspondence began between us, and now he emails me with whatever sexual adventures he’s been enjoying. Here are some highlights:

“I am just back from a quick fuck and dumpsession. I work next door to an arab bakery and one of the guys knows that I enjoy being used as a slut for arab machofuckers, so he texted me this morning to wait for him outside the bakery. He then took me upstairs and made me kneel, made me beg for his cock and then fucked my skull until he blew his hot salty arab cumload down my fuckthroat.”
6 Jan 2011

“I’m happy you don’t mind me sending you my confessions as a cumdump. After years of being in a relationship, I’m starting to find out my exhibitionist side. Nothing hotter than to get a text from some anonymous fucker who wants you to wait blindfolded. I posted also my name and phonenumber on various websites. Really would like to be the exhibitionist slut for my pornguru. Any mean nasty machofucker who wants to dump his piss and cum is welcome! Anything is ok as long as I can live out my destiny as a fuckface!
6 Jan 2011

I really hope you want to work with me in my conversion into a true Liam Cole pornpup.
6 Jan 2011

“As said before, I also love to be whored out and would love those nasty fuckers to take pictures of my cum / piss soaked face.
6 Jan 2011

“Thank you for your encouraging reply. Feel free to pass on my email and phone to whoever wants it! The bigger the network the bigger the chance of cumfilled throat! I am very serious in my offer to expose myself as your pornslave.”
6 Jan 2011

“Hello Sir, I am living in The Hague (Netherlands), live in quite a posh neighborhood, but work in Dierenselaan, where there are a lot of scally types and arabs and blacks.”
6 Jan 2011

“Sorry if I seem a bit high every now and then. I have this bad habit of sniffing poppers the whole day. Sometimes I just go into the toilet after my colleague was there and take poppers and then lick his piss from the seat… I’m just back from doing that….
6 Jan 2011

“Hey Liam, when I got home I watched 1000 Load Fuck and a scene with Dawson. Seeing Brad McGuire and Dawson inspired me to have my own dirty night at the sex cinema. I bought 2 bottles of poppers and stripped to my old jockstrap and spent three hours begging for cock on my knees. Lucky for me there were a few nasty fuckers who fucked my skull.
Love to feel the slime dripping off my chin!
6 Jan 2011

  1. would love to get in touch with this Dutch guy and share horny experiences. Is ok to post an e mail here or not? Or may be you could give mine to him Liam? thanks !!!! O.

  2. sounds like an interesting guy.
    As I live 5km from den Haag, maybe you can mail me his phone nr.
    so we could do a promo-vid.
    I’m not in the business of professional porn making
    but sure would love to assist you and this guy


    weird that he sent all the above on one day, though

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