Photos of the Tim Crew at Southern Decadence 2011

One of our production teams is in New Orleans for Southern Decadence this week. Throughout the weekend we’ll be posting their photos from the Big Easy.

Reminder: send us your own NOLA photos and snag some TIM SWAG. See our contest for details.

Treasure Island Media

TIM models and crew at the end of  a shoot. Very hot scene!

Treasure Island Media

Porn Central. The TIM Booth in New Orleans.

Damon Dogg Treasure Island Media

Damon Showing His Pirate Credentials at the Airport

Treasure Island Media

Wade Stone Greets us at the Airport

Treasure Island Media

Wade and Damon Ready to Conquer New Orleans

Treasure Island Media

Steven, Jake and Wade in a Pre-Devastation Scene in New Orleans

  1. i LOVE the stuff you do especially christian’s vids because it’s primal and isn’t choreographed. It’s not amateur either. I’ve seen some intensly primal masculine slamming no holds barred and the stuff that comes out of the other studios looks held back. When I can’t get through a vid without blasting off some dna, I’d say that’s a damn good vid

  2. Hey lads. Great blog seeing you all marked. I was just thinking I would love for Paul Morris to slap his autograph on the side of my tattoo, so I can the get it tattooed over the actual signature.
    Another ideas would be to have the signatures on my bare arse of any TIM studs who reserve the right to fuck my arse, leave their load , then ‘sign it off’ Then have those signatures tattooed too.
    I recon it would be Awsome and an amazing way to have my territory marked by TIM men
    What you think?

  3. It is appropriate since New Orleans and the river were once the hangout and hideout of infamous pirate Jean Lafitte. He aided one of Americas early great generals and the original Rick Perry type of president, Andrew Jackson, fight the British at the end of the War of 1812 in the Battle of New Orleans.

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