Statement of Purpose

“Statement of Purpose” by Paul Morris, Treasure Island Media

When I started Treasure Island Media many years ago, I’d already worked for other gay porn studios–notably Dirk Yates and his All Worlds studio. While I’d been an admirer of his ground-breaking military/marines straight man jerkoff videos, I couldn’t get behind the later and more conventional work of the studio. I’ve always preferred all-male sex videos to be raw sex, with little or no storyline. And All Worlds came to focus on what seemed to me arch and stilted storylines.

I also worked with Brush Creek Media. I’ve always loved man-bears, and all kinds of bear sex, with big, sexy, natural hairy men fucking like crazy. But again, there were too many restrictions put on me and I moved on.

Finally, I worked with the notable renegade fetish pornographer Bob Jones. Together he and I produced several dozen raw, man-fetish, bondage videos. I’ll happily confess that I loved shooting male bondage fetish porn, leather fetish porn, videos featuring whipping, flogging, all-male blood-sport, electro-fetish and electro-stim, breathplay, all-male dominance videos, fisting videos, and serious balls-out fuckflicks.

But through it all, I wasn’t allowed to shoot porn the way I had sex: bareback, raw-fuck, man-rape sex. My sex is cum-guzzling, double-dick, real mansex. And all through the years I worked for Dirk Yates, Bob Jones and the rest, I was basically constrained. So I started Treasure Island Media.

The first gay bareback porn company in the world, Treasure Island Media immediately reflected my love for felching, ass-sucking, men guzzling gallons of sperm, no-condom action, gay bareback gangbangs–the entire range of male sexual play. Finally, with my own company underway, I could shoot hours of no-limit rimming, man-rape, double-fucking, hardcore felching action. This is real sex, shot with real sex-whores and mansluts.

Being first had both its advantages and disadvantages. Much of my porn broke taboos. As the first gay all-bareback fuck studio, making wild and raunchy bareback fuckvideos and throwing the wildest bareback, manjuice-drenched gangbang parties in the world, we became notorious overnight.

Even now, I’m heavily criticized for insisting on making the best and hottest bareback porn in the world. Essentially, I’ve simply insisted that gay men are as passionate as straight men and women. My bareback gay porn–unlike that of other gay studios such as Titanmen or Raging Stallion–is in a real sense my statement to the effect that gay men are the equals of straight people: we are equal in our passion, our drives, our commitments, our fucking.

We at Treasure Island Media have been lionized and damned for our balls-out cum-felching, our bareback manrape footage, our underground gay porn work featuring all and every kind of hardcore gay sex action: felching, snowballing, ass-to-mouth action, ass-rimming, bareboning– you name it. We are without doubt the most controversial and the most imitated gay porn bareback studio in the world. We produce the best bareback videos internationally, working with Max Sohl, our bareback producer in New York and Liam Cole, our bareback producer in London, as well as other independent bareback gay porn producers worldwide (such as MachoFucker, Satyr, Dark Alley Media and others).

Our aim will always be the same. We were the first gay bareback porn producer in the world. We continue to make the best bareback no-limits video –for release as porn DVDs or streaming on our websites. We serve all gay fetishes, from men smoking to muscle-gods, from cumhungry manwhores to first-time rawfuckers. We will always feature the biggest cocks in gay porn, the hungriest manholes in gay porn, and the sexiest mansluts and manwhores in gay porn so we can present to our audience what is consistently the best gay bareback and felching porn made in the world.

From my infamous “Devil’s Dick” (a massive dildo made of frozen semen) to porn-DVDs featuring Dawson, Christian, Dan Fisk, Brad McGuire, Ian Jay, Calvin (our brand-new addition, a deaf mega-hung superstud), Keer and many others in our Olympian stable of studs ‘n’ whores, Treasure Island Media will be at the heart of the best porn made, worldwide.

Watch and enjoy!


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