First image from next video SLAMMED

This is the first image from my next video SLAMMED, which will be released by Treasure Island Media in August 2012. From left to right, that’s Keiran, Jon Phelps, and me in silhouette. I’m using this image as the header for my Facebook page, here:

  1. As much as I would love to see a slam filmed right before the fucking begins on film (and trust me, I WOULD LOVE that), that movie would probably be taken off shelves. But I would LOVE to see that filmed, too. This is going to be a fucking great film.

  2. I’m in no way a porn star… but FUCK I’m excited about this movie!

    Can you actually show the slam on film? If not, may I suggest, as a marketing strategy, maybe, putting it on NKP or Get2thePoint2pnp? (probably without faces, I’d guess…)

    ‘Cause HOT DAMN would I like to see that!

  3. Can’t wait to watch Slammed! Been waiting for a movie like this for ages. Love getting my holes used after a slam 🙂

  4. Fuck, slammed… v horny. What’s the plan for the remaining scenes? I loved to get slammed in both senses… 8 inch uncut cock, v horny. Keen to get involved.

  5. When I read T.I.M. was going to title “SLAMMED” to one of the films, my hole began twitching and my dick got wet.
    I love getting slammed. How can I be part of the production.

    1. Hector, I’m glad you like the title. I’ve sent you an email.

  6. Thanks! Yes, August seems a long time away now, but it’ll come fast. I’m still shooting stuff for this video, so if anyone reading this is coming London way and likes to slam or get slammed, email me on the usual:

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