Meet Doug – TIM’s Soldier in Afghanistan

Sergeant DOUG

We recently received a request to join the PAUL MORRIS FORUM from DOUG, a man who is seriously into cocksucking. DOUG sent us an interesting idea for an oral scene, which was presented with such enthusiasm that he really got our attention.

I am VERY interested in doing scenes where a guy has about five dudes in ski masks on their knees…and gives cocksucking training.

Sergeant Doug

What got our attention even more was DOUG’S email address, which ended in .MIL and was clearly from a Unites States Army person. We don’t get a lot of detailed sex scenarios from soldiers, so, when we granted his membership to the FORUM, we asked him if he was in the Army.


DOUG wrote back to us, saying he is a Sergeant First Class in the Army and is stationed {somewhere} in Afghanistan. He told us he’s planning some R&R (rest and relaxation) in San Francisco soon and wants to meet us and take advantage of Suck Dick Save The World Thursdays at THE GULCH and at VIDEO SECRETS.

We’re looking forward to meeting him, too. We’ll have to arm wrestle to see who gets blown by him first.

  1. I bet some crazy stuff goes on behind closed doors of these army barracks. Hot army boys getting down and then hitting the showers. Such a hot fantasy!

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