TRUE LIFE: I Am Mitch Mason || Sex, Butts and Good Music

Welcome to my life… The captain has illuminated the ‘fasten seat belt’ sign so I strongly recommend you sit down, buckle up and hold on tight, cause it’s going to be one fuckin’ bumping, wild ride. Hi, I am Mitch Mason, a 28 year old faggot who lives, works and plays in beautiful San Francisco.

Over the past few years I have become very privileged in life, for which I am grateful. Privileged to have re-established a relationship with my awesome brother, Matt; to be working for the best porn studio; to have a global network of fan-fucking-tastic friends, and to be able to party away the later part of my 20’s.  Some might call me a party boy, a jock, a horny ass-man, even a circuit queen but to me I am just Mitch Mason. This is me; this is who I am… Sorry, there is no bucket big enough for me, my ego and my personality.

Enough about me, let’s talk about three of my favorite things: sex, butts and good music  We’re less than a week away from Jeffrey Sanker’s White Party and I am excited to report that this TIM Whore will be there! For those of you going, be sure to seek me out. I’ll be the one wearing high tops and jean cut offs. But seriously, find me. I love meeting people, I love grabbing new asses and I may just have some free porn to give away. For those not in attendance, be sure to look for my constant updates on Facebook and Twitter. It’s sure to be a whore-of-a good time and I would hate for anyone to miss out. I will be on a mission to snap as many ass photos and to share as many as possible, so check in and check often.

Speaking of asses, this morning I announced my search for ‘The World’s Best Ass’. Think that’s you? Submit a photo and enter my competition here. I am accepting photo submissions until 4.14.12, so be sure to get your image in before then. Fans can vote for their favorite ass up until 4.21.12. The winner will receive a 1 year TIMPass good for all three of our membership sites (TIMFuck, TIMSuck, TIMJack) and a TIM hoodie, customized with their name on it. There is some fine print, like making sure you use your own photo but you can read those details on the contest page. I can’t wait to see some asses!


       Mitch Mason

Stay connect with Mitch Mason
Twitter @MitchMasonxxx
Tumblr /mitchmasontim

P.S. I love stories and feedback from fellow TIM Whore’s and Ass-lovers. Email me anytime you feel like sharing.

  1. Thanks for all the amazing work you’ve been doing with Treasure Island. Keep it up, Mitch!!

    1. The Scorup House is our dorm / HQ. It was built in 1905ish by John Albert Scorup, known in local stories as the pferect model of the Mormon Cowboy. Scorup and his family are tied to the history and cattle wrangling tradition of Bluff, the Dugout Ranch, all of SE Utah. The house has been occupied for a long time and is locally also known as the Nielsen House, or where the crazy architects live.

  2. I think next year Anton and I need to join you and Matt at the White Party and show those boys how we do it. >;)

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