Let Me Introduce You To Our Newest Stallion. Meet Pony.

Pony is brand new to the Treasure Island Media family, and we want to give you a little idea of who he is and what he plans to do to inhance the way men get off. I recently sat down with Pony to learn more about him and ask him why he really wants to join Treasure Island Media.

Welcome to the TIM family, Pony. We are certainly excited to have you here, and we look forward to experiencing the movies you’re going to help film. Tell me about where you are from and what ultimately brought you to Treasure Island?

I was born and raised in a small town outside of Anchorage, Alaska until I was 17. From an extremely young age, I knew I was different.  Especially growing up where I did, I definitely stuck out.  I have always been attracted to boys and their dicks, and I found myself wanting to document them.  Once I turned 18, I eventually moved to Seattle and then to Portland. It was there that I went to school and worked on getting my BFA in painting before moving to San Francisco to work for Treasure Island.

How did you get connected to Treasure Island?

For the longest time, I resisted in getting Facebook. It wasn’t until last December that I finally joined and started connecting with people from my past. One of the guys I eventually found was a good friend Trevor, who I knew when I was younger.  I quickly learned that Trevor was working for Treasure Island in production and casting. I instantaneously became jealous and knew this was something I needed to pursue.  I had always wanted to work for TIM and was excited to know Paul Morris was looking for a new man to add to his casting team. When Trevor told me of an opening, I made a home video using my iPhone and a montage of pictures of men that I had photographed over the years, and I submitted it.  I guess Paul Morris liked it because a few days later I was flying out to San Francisco to meet him.

You said that you have been documenting guys and taking pictures of dicks for a long time. Please tell me more about that. Have you ever done anything in front of the camera?

I always knew I was gay. Starting at age 11, I started drawing pictures of stick figures of guys with dicks and having sex.  At the age of 13, I found a book called “Gay Ideas” and it changed my life. Inside, there was a picture of a guy taking an entire fist and arm up his ass.  I was horrified at the sight of it, but at the same time it was incredibly beautiful and I couldn’t take my eyes away from it. From that point on, I knew that I needed to learn more about this.  I immediately bought a camera and would bring boys home that I knew to photograph nude. At the same time, I started using my family’s video camera and began making my own movies.  I moved to Seattle when I was 18, I began documenting my life through photos and by taking pictures of the boys I would bring home. At the age of 19, I ended up filming a few scenes with a guy that I was working with at the time where I was in front of the camera, but they were never released, however, I do love filming guys suck my dick.

Here are some recent photo’s taken by Pony. Keep an eye on his Flikr for more updates.

What kind of porn do you like?

I have always loved TIM films. There is something so real and honest that Paul Morris is able to convey through his movies, and that is exactly what I want to do as well while I’m here. I’ve filmed my own porn for a long time. I have never done anything professionally, but I always knew that if I did, I would want to work for TIM. When I applied for the job, I told myself that if I didn’t get it then I would give up on this dream and start focusing on something else. Luckily for me, I now have this gift of being able to make movies for the same company that I’ve admired from afar for so long.

You said that you went to school to get your degree in painting. You’re obviously a very artistic person outside of becoming a pornographer. What do you try to convey through the different mediums that you work so hard at?

I have always been attracted to and intrigued by the male figure, especially when using photography. I was never truly interested in film, but my friends have always pushed me and convinced me to at least give it a try. However, painting is the specific medium that truly captures my artistic imagination. Painting to me offers the greatest challenge because I feel it is the most difficult medium to convey my vision. When I paint, it is my goal to tell the story of my life. Through painting, I try to tell my story of being a gay man, being young living with HIV, being fearful of death, and loving men and sex.  I truly try to capture and represent human struggle in every painting and film that I make.

What do you hope to get out of your experience and accomplish here at Treasure Island?

My ultimate goal is to become the next great pornographer.  I want to be able to push the boundaries of sexuality and constantly continue to explore what is possible with pornography.  I am definitely excited to be a part of the next generation of Treasure Island Media.  I want people to know who I am, and to be able to make a connection with the type of porn that I make. When you hear Pony, I want you to think of three things: Sex, Treasure Island, and Artist. I am going to change the way that people watch porn by learning how to pull a man’s sexuality of out of him and then share it with the world.

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  1. Pony I would love to drinkg your cumm you are super sexy.. ill give my ass up in the air all for you man. Any

  2. I have not ridden a Pony since I was a kid but this is one Pony I would love to ride….

  3. I love Pony @ TIM. He was great to work with, he was professional, creative, friendly, and super sweet. Definitely looking forward to working with him and the TIM crew more!

  4. I think I saw yournew addition wandering around SOMA with a camera. He’s a natural. Where do you guys find such interesting people to hire? I look forward to watching Pony’s career unfold.

  5. Now this is one pony who could ride me to hell and back . Like me, this lad looks like he appreciates fucking, not fucking about. Can’t wait to see his work. And yes, his inks and attitude show he’s a welcom addition to the TIM Stable, so hats off to you guyz ….. Again… Keep pumping that spunk… JoeUK

  6. Sounds like a really cool and artistic guy. It reminds me a lot of Paul Morris himself and his journey into porn. I’m excited to see his work!

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