Sergeant DOUG Moves to Kabul

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Our adopted U.S. soldier in Afghanistan, DOUG, has been relocated to Kabul, where the action off base has him ducking for cover and the action on base leaves him wanting more. Here’s DOUG’s latest email to PAUL MORRIS:

Hey brother what’s up? I appreciate you keeping in touch with me. Emails from back home are a big escape for us. We get to think about something else for a few minutes.

You’ve given me something interesting to think about – getting a TIM tattoo. Believe it or not, I don’t have any tattoos. I’m not sure what your upbringing was like, but I come from a very religious family that believes all piercings (even for girls) and tattoos are sinful. It would be monumental for me to get the TIM tat – right next to me being on my knees with three dicks in my face, going back and forth between them. I get so fuck’n horned up over here thinking about it. You have no idea.

Take the TIM Tattoo Challenge!

I just got transferred to Kabul. Where I had been stationed was crazy, but things in Kabul are seriously heating up. I’m sure you’ve seen it in the news.

Today is the end of my first full day in Kabul, working the night shift and covering ground movement. Despite those fun times, I somehow find opportunities to get off.

An Army Smoke Shack in Kabul

I was taking a break in the smoke shack and thinking about cock (all military camps have designated smoking areas, you can’t walk and smoke or the enemy might shoot you – especially at night). A sergeant came in and started talking to me about something or other. I had seen him in the gym this morning lifting serious weights. I didn’t hear a thing he said. I was staring at his bulge. It looked huge. His balls needed to unload. I stared at his package and looked him right in the eye. After about 15 minutes he finally said, ‘Dude are you staring at my fuckn dick?’

I said, ‘Yep, I sure as hell am.’ He said, ‘Alright then, you want to see it?’ I said ‘Let’s go’. We went to an empty bunker and I feasted on what had to be a 9.5″ cock. There’s nothing like 30 minutes of uninterrupted head in a bunker to take your mind off the shit outside. This dude was straight as an arrow.

I emptied the sergeant’s balls and didn’t waste a drop of his squirt. He kept saying ‘No girl can suck it like that!’ Damn right they can’t. I’m hoping to make part two happen, getting nailed in the ass by him, but it’s gonna’ take some convincing this straight boy. He was shaken up that I drained him so deeply. He didn’t know what the hell to think.

Tell BRAD MCGUIRE I got some training time in. I’m gearing up for Brad’s cocksucking lessons this summer. I think I’ll be ready but have a feeling no amount of practice could get me ready for what Brad McGuire is going to put me through.

That’s all I got for now. I’m trying to plan a trip to San Francisco in June this year, so tell Brad to save up those loads!

Peace out for now, brother. DOUG

DOUG, that was one hell of a story! Finding time (and place) to give head in a war zone is some serious cocksucking dedication!


DOUG in Afghanistan would love to hear from TIM fans!

Click HERE to send DOUG an email with your words of support.

For those of you wanting to learn a bit more about what’s happening on the ground in Kabul, we’re sharing this video from

  1. Well Doug, 

    What a total HERO you are. 

    You probably don’t think of it that way, but from where I’m standing, your a total Hero. 

    Facing what you you on a daily basis is something probably all of us can’t possibly begin to imagine, but the respect, empathy and genuineness you have from the people who comment here and the men at TIM, hopefully shows that we care. 

    Not only are you doing your duty to protect the country/world we all live in, but you are promoting the vew of a gay man in traditionally Gay Alienating Environment. 

    Allowing us to live the lifestyle we have strived and fought to get accepted as normal. You are promoting equality through visibility, and demonstrating another dimension to the saying ‘gay, out and proud’. 

    Keep your wits about you, your head down, your pecker up, you cock hard, and lines of communications ( and hat eager beautiful mouth) open. 

    I would love to send you and the guyz a parcel of goodies, essentials and one or to things which may but a smile on your face. 

    Get the guyz at Tim to arrange something to make this happen, I’m sure there are other guyz here who want to show their sincere thanks too. 


  2. Thanks for the updates Doug! This is an incredibly hot story. I love how the sergeant knew exactly what you wanted to do just by looking you in the eyes.

  3. Much love to Doug from a couple of Tennessee guys! Seriously hope all works out well for you and you make it home safe! Wishing more massive cocks your way!

    C & D

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