TIMSoldier || DOUG Checks in with PAUL MORRIS

Our soldier in Afghanistan, DOUG, received his TIM care package and responded with a hearty thank you to PAUL MORRIS. He also shared a story of fucking around with a few TIM guys during his last trip to San Francisco (read his introduction HERE).

  1. JoeUK says:
    April 11, 2012 at 2:46 am
    Great that TIM is going to Team Up Doug the Soldier Stud with Stud Maguire for Sucker Boot Camp. . If I remember, he wanted a few lads in Ski Masks, well, I for one would love to be in the team of student recruits for that event. What are the chances of you guys getting Liam Cole to get a Brit Team to do the Same ? Balls in your court fellas . Joe UK keep it nasty

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  2. Glad your staying safe Doug, and you are looking forward to your well earned and deserved R&R. Make sure you use lots of lube and spit, jerking off for the next six weeks, you don’t want to be jerking off to all the TIM porn, and find yourself too sore to hit the clubs and SDSTW parties lol ( as if lol) I’m jealous, because in the UK, we don’t get to play at any TIM events, and by the way , amazing suggestion about cock sucking training in jock and ski mask video … Totally get it. Be Safe out there . Joe UK. ( If you fancy exchanging emails, get TIM to get in touch with me and we will sort something bud.. Respect.)

  3. Good job to Paul and all the Treasure Island guys for supporting our troops. It definitely makes you feel good inside!

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