Meet Dallas – a bottom pig from California, who wrote into our model application, begging for a chance to be featured in one of our films.  What do you think, is he worthy of being a TIMman and featured in an upcoming scene?

Enjoy his application below, then go to Facebook and vote whether we should brand him a Morris Man.

Dallas’ Application. –


  • [cock size] => 8″
  • [cut/uncut] => cut
  • [height] => 6’2″
  • [weight] => 185 lbs
  • [hair] => brown
  • [eye] => blue
  • [bodytype] => athletic
  • [ethnic] => white
  • [recdrug] =>  On occasion, but not to any uncontrolled/lifestyle extent
[Sexual Preferences]
  • [fucking] =>bottom
  • [sucking] => bottom
  • [piss play] => bottom
  • [nipple play] => vers
  • [fleching] => vers
  • [fist fucking] => bottom
  • [rimming] => bottom
  • [S&M] => bottom
  • [turn ons] => At the end of the day, I go for a person with a dick who wants to shoot his load inside me. I have weaknesses for blondes, ripped black guys, men old enough to be my dad (or more), straight guys, brothers/father-sons, and athletes of any kind, but again, if a guy wants to unload in me I’m in.
  • [turn offs] => Judgment, cruelty, limits. Uncontrolled narcissism.
  • [fanatasy] =>One fantasy that kind of incorporates all my biggest turnons would be to get loaded, on video, by 75 or more guys (my fraternity had 75 guys in it); by loaded I mean no pulling out (I’ve always wanted to remake/revisit Dawson’s 20/50 Load Weekend with more internal cumshots, especially if my hero Dawson was the 50th, like a passing of the torch thing). Most of my fantasies involve load collecting at high numbers, my biggest fetish. I also want to do a tour across the country taking loads in all 50 states, and other things like that.
  • [sexual talent] =>Talent-wise, I’m often complimented on how my hole feels especially when it’s been used a bit already; I also get a lot of comments on my facial expressions, particularly how I can be doing something completely filthy and nasty but my face and smile look so cherubic and innocent. Also, while it’s not exactly a talent, I literally will do just about anything and anyone you could possibly come up with, and I don’t have issues with guilt or hangups or such things like most guys my age.

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  1. He will definitely be the next power bottom superstar like christian if you allow him to be on one of TIM movies. He has the prettiest smile while being fucked and pretties hole that you can find!! definitely hire him!!!

  2. Load this hot pig up! His hole is screaming its hungry, fuck … its starving. No pulling out fucking hot! Mix that DNA up….fuck!

  3. I love this guy. I follow him on Twitter. He's pretty legit. Hire the kid.

  4. Finally. someone who would love for ME to add to the cum dump! (He LOVES someone old enough to be his dad, or even older!) Film Him, NOW!

  5. Been a follower and fan of his blog for a while! Def give him the chance to make his fantasy cum true!

  6. delicious cunt, not only would I use it, it would be hard to keep me out after each new cum load so I could feel his enhanced joy in his pussy and and see it on his face as I delivered more dick to his hungry pussy.

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