CUMSLOPPY STORY || Blindfolded Bottom Bitch

I went to the bathhouse on Saturday night. I took a pair of my “handcuffs” that I use for the illusion of restraint. I took two bandanas – one for my mouth and one for my eyes.

I began preparing for the evening at home by giving myself a quick flush. Then I climbed into my sling and used the fucking machine to fuck my ass for a while – to get me open and relaxed. I started with a slow speed and tilted my ass so that the rubber cock rubbed my prostate. I loved the feeling of it rubbing my anus as it went in and out. I then shifted so that it could go deeper. After I felt nice and sloppy, I got down on my knees and let the fucking machine fuck my mouth and throat. I wanted to be ready for anything.

When I got to the bathhouse, I got a room on the bottom floor. I stripped naked and used one bandana to gag myself. I turned off the light and opened the door as I blind folded myself and secured my hands behind my back with the handcuffs. I laid down on my belly and waited.

The waiting may be the best part. My mind is active with anticipation and fear. I’m aware of men walking past the room, seeing me bound and waiting to serve. Sometimes I get impatient and have to calm myself.

Then I felt someone touching my back. I hear the door close and a towel drop. A hand turns my head and I feel the head of a cock on my lips, but I need to spit out my gag first. This cock feels thick as it slides past my lips. I do my best to make my mouth a warm moist pleasure giving orifice for the cock that is fucking it.

The fat cock pulls out of my mouth as I feel the man climb on top of me. I feel the cock at my butt hole. He slams it in all at once and I yelp with pain. I try to relax my ass,but I need more time. He doesn’t give me the time as he pulls his cock out and slams it in my ass again, making me yelp again. It’s taking all of my will to keep myself from trying to pull away. I’m able to get myself to tilt my as so that he can slam it in me again, but I know it’s going to hurt. He keeps fucking me that way. It’s impossible for me to stay quiet. It still hurts, but becomes more tolerable. I’m incredibly turned on and hot as I’m getting rape fucked.

He comes around and sticks his hot cock covered with my ass juices back in my mouth, but he keeps banging my back teeth. He goes back to raping my ass hole. I can feel my own raging erection between my legs. I feel him dump his load in my ass. That’s not what I wanted, but I relished the way it felt as this man used my butt hole to dump his fucking load. I couldn’t get myself to want to resist. I’ve been bad and dangerous, not to mention stupid, reckless and faithful.

He climbed off me and left. I rolled over and started jacking my throbbing thick cock. Someone asked if I was OK, but saw my hard cocked and started rubbing it and sucking it. Fuck! I was in heaven.

Story Courtesy Of Rex Harley 

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