I am Exhausted–I Studied Paul Morris’ Photography All Night

Written by Buckhead Daddy

Most people don’t think about it.  A camera is a mind-reading device.  It is an electronic box with an eye that is placed between the mind of the photographer and the subject he is photographing.  All the camera does is capture the vision of the photographer and put it in a format that others can see.  The vision is a complexity of mental processing–seeing the subject, in that moment in time, exactly as the photographer sees it.  Artistic, photographic genius is something that is inherent in the photographer, something that is not learned.  All one learns when taking photography is how to use the equipment, get it in focus, center the subject, make sure the context is unique, and finally make sure the lighting is correct for the image.  That’s kids stuff for Paul Morris. His technical ability is flawless.

But that’s not what I am talking about in this blog,  I stayed up all night and went to bed at 8 am after studying and enjoying the 60 pages of his photography on Flickr. I got started looking at his work, and just couldn’t stop.  The images featured hot men, from around 19 years old and up.  Twinks to men.  In their natural form.  The men were being themselves.

Working behind the camera was the mind of Paul Morris.  Paul Morris is a name that is associated with the most erotic and most controversial porn around.  And his porn is good–REAL good.  But that is one side to this very intelligent and perceptive man.  When you look at his photographs, you become Paul Morris.  You see what he sees…and you notice what he notices.  The angles, close-ups, and the camera placement allow you to not only see, but to experience each image.

He captures the hard nipples on a hairy chest, the intricate folds in a mans nut sack, the fluffy pubes surrounding a fat limp cock, an open piss slit, precum oozing out of a fat, veiny cock–and fleshy fuckholes.  But not in a pornographic way.  The images capture the nature of a man, his body, his arousal, his sensuality and his natural erotic aura.

He photographs a guy that goes by the name Juggler.  Juggler isn’t my type of guy. Not at all.  But in one photo, he takes a picture of Jugglers junk.  Its taken from a unique angle, an angle that puts me between Juggler’s legs as if I were about to start sucking on his balls.  And there they are–his beautiful fat fucking balls, limp cock.. a beautiful sight to a cocksucker like me.  Now Juggler IS my type. Here is the pic I am talking about

And look at the use of lighting to focus on Jugglers cock.  And off in the distance is his hairy chest and nipples.  I feel like I am Juggler’s cocksucker for the night.  I wonder what Paul Morris was thinking?  It appears that he had the camera close to, or resting on Juggler’s hairy leg.  Even if Juggler isn’t Paul’s type, the scent of Juggler’s balls, and just feeling his skin is a unique connection for any man– as each man is erotically special in his own way.  And maybe that’s the message deeply behind Pauls’ work.

He shows clothed boys, but in a way that turns you on.  It’s just a boy standing there—but Paul captures that perfect moment when there is a slight variance in the boy’s affect–that takes it from “just a picture” to an “I want to fuck that boy” picture. Honestly, I don’t think that Paul even thinks about it that much–I just think he knows what is perfect about the moment and clicks the button on the mind-reading box.  And there it is–the image and the nanosecond of Paul Morris emotion embedded in the photo.  Brilliant and intriguing.

It was a night of erotic (not pornographic) study. A night that was a lot of fun.

Please check out his work.  Sit there and look at each image for a moment,  Look at the man’s face, his body, and imagine what Paul wants you to experience.  It can be quite magical.

Check back every Sunday for a new installment of Paul’s Photos or visit Paul’s Flikr page for thousand of archived images.

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