I was on my lunch break and needed some relief BAD. I decided to go to the usual restroom to see if there was any action. I walked into the stall, and only had to wait a few minutes till the next stall was taken. Since there is no hole, the only way to know if someone is looking for action, is to tap your foot. I looked down and the guy was definitely tapping. I slipped a note under the stall but got no reply. When it was safe to make a move, the guy in the next stall knelt down and spread his legs. I quickly bent over to reach under the wall. He had a soft cock. Only about 6 in. and uncut. His balls were small and clung tight. From the way his cock felt I knew who it was.

Norbert frequented this restroom and we had played with each other on numerous occasions. Usually we would leave a mess on the floor. About that time someone walked in, so we quickly righted ourselves. When the new guy left it was my turn. I knelt down for him. He reached under and started stroking me. This went on for a little while. Due to others coming in to the restroom we could never finish, so we kept on switching positions.

On one time while I was stroking him he moved my hand back to his asshole. As I touched his bud he moaned. I knew what he wanted. I inserted the tip of my finger in his bunghole and he sighed even more. I pulled out and spit on my finger for lube.

Someone entered so again I had to stop. I heard a lot of shuffling going on in the stall. When it was safe again, I got a bigger surprise. The guy had taken off his shoes and pants and was sitting on the floor. He shuffled as much as possible into my side so I could finger fuck him. As I did that he played with his limp dick. He had put on a leather cock strap during one of our interruptions. This helped his cock stay soft. He wasn’t allowing it to get engorged and hard.

Due to the nature of this restroom we were getting interrupted often. The next time we were interrupted before we could start up he whispered to me. He wanted to know if I had time to fuck him. I said I would make time. Normally he would want me to come back, but this day he wanted it bad. He unlocked his stall, and when it was clear I stepped in. There he was, already bent over and waiting. His ass was small and round. I tried to enter him but he was tight. Being new to this I wasn’t sure how tight it should be. He stood up and grabbed a bottle of lotion out of his coat. He put a little on my cock head. Spread his cheeks and lathered his hole up. I proceeded to try again. He bent over and spread his ass for me again. I tried a couple more times to get my cock in but his hole was tight. Each time I tried I got more excited. Precum was oozing out profusely. I really need to bury my cock somewhere.

We were interrupted again. This time someone brought their kid in to use the restroom, so we had to be very careful. I turned around so my feet were facing the right way and Norb moved off the side of the commode so his weren’t seen. He wanted to try one more time so I gave it a shot. This time though, he reached back and pulled the hole open a little. That was all it needed. I put my cockhead to the opening and started sliding it in. Since he was so tight I took it easy at first. But once his sphincter loosened enough, I rode him.

Not knowing how long we had till someone else came in, I fucked him fast. He reached around and played with my nutsack as I fucked him. I also reached around and was jerking his as I plowed his ass. As I went deep he would force my cock deeper. Man, he was tight. Much tighter than my wife’s ass.

Soon I felt it. Cum was wallowing up and I was ready to explode. I asked him where he wanted it. Since I wasn’t wearing a rubber I figured he would want me to pull out. But he didn’t. He wanted me to cum in him. A few more strokes and I shot. I spurt at least 5 good shots into that ass before I withdrew.

As soon as I withdrew someone walked in. We had to shuffle around so you couldn’t tell there were two guys in one stall. It turned out that it was just a kid. Norbert was sitting on the john this time and I was standing next to it. With my cock at the right height he started sucking it. Trying to get the last drops out. When it was clear I excused myself and left.

I have not been able to catch him at the right time since that day. Normally we just jerk each other off. Whomever cums first gets satisfied then leaves. So the other has to wait.

Story courtesy of RawTop. Find him at BREEDINGZONE.COM.


  1. It would be so hot to get my hole filled underneath a bathroom stall. Never messed around in a public place before, would be hot but im nervous. 

  2. This is the type of visceral sex that same-gender men tend to experience. It’s too bad that so much MM literature has the sex sanitized to Camry blandness.

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