From A Fan || Why I Love Christian’s Irresistible Ass

This is a guy who started fucking around  and filming himself with  his own camera when he was just thirteen.  This is a guy who can take the biggest cocks out there with ease.  He can also swallow them down to the balls.  He seems to be a guy with no limits, but seems to eagerly await each hard cock drifting his way.  He brings men around the world extreme sexual pleasure as they watch him fuck, suck, and make men’s legs shake as they blow their loads in his ass.

Who am I talking about?  Christian–the extreme, hard-core, barebacking porn star, direct from the dungeon of Paul Morris and Treasure Island Media.  When Morris released Christian into the world the rest of us live in, he created an immediate sensation.  Hot, sexy and sex-starved, Christian used his boyish ass to liberate loads of cum all around the world. 

I watched him take load after load in Christian 24 Cocks in 24 Hours, give his as up in Deeper and live the spirit of a true TIMWhore in Fearless.  Although highly turned on by all the action, there was something about what Max Sohl created in his latest video masterpiece, Return to Meat Rack that blew me away.  

In this video, the first scene is a jaw breaker. Christian takes Hot Rod’s enormous cock like it was nothing. Now Hot Rod has a cock—fat and long, with veins pushing out.  Christian is face raped then ass-fucked resulting in  a nasty hot load of cum just melting and pouring out of his fuckhole. I  can only imagine how much fun he had with the men in that film. Christian gets fucked all throughout this video, and each scene is hot as hell. Sohl gets the perfect angle to capture the penetration, and gets your mouth watering as the cum leaks out of Christian’s hole.  And this is how it is with all the videos that star Christian.

I think my favorite scene with Christian was when he got fucked by Adam Gunner. Gunner, in his shower scene with Christian in Meat Rack fucked him in a position that totally opened up his hole  in such a way that I could only imagine what Christian was feeling. The way he had his ass arched, and the angle of penetration pulled on his gut and fuckhole in an unnatural way that sent him (and me) over the edge. Christian’s cock was rock hard during this fucking–and his face said he really was enjoying Gunners big dick up his ass. When the camera focused in on Christian’s gaping fuckhole wide open and him pushing it out..well that took me over the edge again. It took me forever to watch this scene. And I watched it 4 times.

How can you not love this mega porn star?  He is hot, sexy, and very entertaining.  He always has a hot partner who knows how to use his ass and mouth to the max. Christian is every top’s dream, and every bottoms idol.  I look forward to seeing his next film.

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  1. all I can say is that I could fuck him for hours, yes, I said HOURS and I would do it¡

  2. I met Christian yesterday at a club in London. Didn´t know who he was, but talking to a friend that was there he asked me if I saw him. I wasnt´sure, and then I checked TIM website and it happend to be that I fucked him¡ ;)))

  3. I love Christian and will always do, because i used to be a bottom slut as he is. I miss those days, being a bareback bottom as he is, gives you lots of pleasure.

  4. A fun read. I fell for Christian when I saw him paired up with power top, Austin Shadow, in BREEDING SEASON. Since then, I have followed his TIM career with abandon. He never – ever – disappoints me.

  5. His ass probably has its own ID card. As well it should as long as he has a bodyguard with it. One of the most snapping hungriest bottom holes I’ve ever seen. A blackhole, a cave!

  6. Oh my God I just love Christian and his Hole! I agree he is irresistible.

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