Through The Lens Of PonyTIM || T.I.M. Road trip: Part One

I remember the first time I ever drove down I-5; it was with my Mom when I was 14-years old. My Mom had surprised my sister and me with a spring break trip to Seattle. We were so excited to get out of Alaska, that when we arrived in Seattle the thought of staying in a little motel room for a week just seemed unbearable. We spent only one night at the Airport Inn Express before we convinced our Mom to jump in the car and hit the highway heading south to warmer weather. Somewhere between Seattle and Portland I had to use the restroom, and I asked my mom to pull over at a rest stop. I didn’t know what a rest stop was at that point, but I thought it was cool that there was somewhere you could get out of your car, walk around, and take a leak.

It was here at this truck stop between Seattle and Portland that I discovered the art of cruising. I remember standing at the urinal taking a leak when I looked over and realized this man was standing there next to me wanking his dick. In a nervous rush I pulled up my paints and headed back to the car.  I was filled with adrenaline as we pulled back out onto 1-5. Nothing like this would have ever happened to me in Alaska, or so I thought. We drove all the way down to San Francisco on that spring break trip. Each rest area that we passed I made sure my Mom pulled over, while I complained of stomach pains, “I need to go to the bathroom”, I would say as soon as we passed a sign for a coming rest stop.

Now 16 years later it is clear that times have changed. Where have all the perverts gone, the guys cruising truck stops, parks, and alleyways? I thought the whole point of the truck stop was to offer refuge for guy living in rural American a place to suck dick, or a relaxing pit stop for the cross-country trucker to bust his nut. Each truck stop that the T.I.M. crew stopped at along the way was a barren waste land of NOTHING. My guess is that if truck stops are a place of action it’s not happening during the day.

As we drove down the highway I found myself getting hard, thinking about the trip ahead. While Trevor was passed out in the passenger seat, I stared taking pictures of my dick through my shorts.

I began to stroke the head of my dick, right when Trevor woke up. DAMN! We checked in on the app Four Square as we approached L.A., it checked us in to the Highway to Hell. A quick overnight stay then back on the road to Arizona.

As we pulled up to our motel we parked next to the bike below. Hilarious. It would be a tell-tell sign of the days to CUM.

We got to SoCal just in time to jump in the pool before sunset.



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  1. I've always thought this about truck stops. One of my fantasy's. Every time I stop at a truck stop my heart beats faster in hopes of finding a dick or two or ten to suck while there.

  2. I miss men's room sex. Like these guys I have to pull into the rest areas on the turnpike and highways just to see if anything is happening. It's against my religion to not stop.

  3. It's all moved online with apps and websites. There's less risk of being busted online too.

  4. The restroom experience is an iconic rite of passage in gayness once we get honest with ourselves as men attracted to men. If anything men have probably been browbeaten by heteronormative gays trying to sanitize the gay experience so straight America won't think it's so icky. Such guys would wag their fingers at the experience, but it is disingenuous on their part in my opinion. I'm 25 going on 26 and what was commonplace when I was 14-18 just isn't that readily available. I'm a different person now, but I have not walked in on men's room sex in years.

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