He’s moved from up North to San Francisco, in good part so he can work with us.  He said he has a serious hunger to be fucked on camera.

On the day of his first shoot for us, we had only a few minutes to grab some snapshots.

All I had to say was “Show it to me.”  He went down into a crouch and reached back between his legs.  While I snapped shots obsessively, he fingered himself and moaned quietly.

He was born for this.

I commented on the rosary.  “I won’t wear it during the shoot” he said, very serious.  I said something stupid about some things being sacred and other things being profane.  He amazed me with his immediate response:

“I pray to God with my heart.  I worship men with my body.”


Without thinking, I grinned and almost laughed.  But then I saw that he was perfectly serious.

Just as I snapped this, the door opened and they said they were ready for him, ready to start the shoot.  We stood up, I gave him a close hug.  I ran my finger gently around his warm and open hole.  I said “I think I’m jealous of the top for this shoot.”  Perfectly serious, he said “Join us!”

– Paul Morris


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