CUMSLOPPY STORY || Hot Sand. Cool Fuck.

The year that I turned 18 was a busy one for me. I had just taken my A level exams at college, and was waiting to see if the results would allow me to go to the university of my choice. I had a long hot summer to wait, and spent the summer living in a holiday chalet that my parents owned on the Norfolk coast. I spent every sunny day on the beach, and in the evenings worked as a barman in a large holiday village nearby.

I had a lot of sex that summer, working in a holiday village meant a constant supply of women who considered sex an essential part of the holiday experience, my partners ranged from girls of my own age to well preserved married women in their 40s. However, I sensed that something was not quite right; I made love to the ladies because it was the thing to do and sometimes my conquests were very insistent, not because I felt that I wanted to do it for its own sake. I was also aware that I was attracted to men, not all men you understand, but some guys really got my pulses racing. I knew that I wanted to explore them sexually but only had the most basic knowledge about what form that exploration would take.

One fateful day I walked down to the beach to find a chilly breeze blowing in from the sea. I therefore walked to the end of the long sweeping bay, past a headland where you had to go past giant fallen rocks, and onto the nudist beach. The nudist beach was situated in a small sheltered cove, which trapped the sun and protected you from the wind. On this weekday morning the beach was deserted so I laid my towel down, stripped down to a tiny pair of swimming shorts and started reading my book and soaking up the sun.

After about half an hour another guy appeared on the beach. He was in his late 30s, tall, slim, fair haired, and very good looking.

After looking at me he started stripping off, about 20 yards away from where I was laying. I then saw that he had a nice hairy chest, a large uncut cock, and a tight little fuzzy bum. I was immediately attracted to him and for the first time in my life wondering if he was gay, and if so, how I could get to chat with him.

He walked over to me, smiled a warm friendly smile, and then said “When the good councilors designated this as a nudist beach, they meant only for nudists, in order to keep gawkers away nudity is not an option it is mandatory.”

While he was saying this he kept looking at me with his laughing baby blue eyes and giving me his friendly smile, he is after pulling me I thought. “Do you mean” I replied “that I can’t lay here looking at your great body without showing off my own goodies? Does the council have nudist beach wardens who will come and rip my shorts off, or would you like to pull them down for me.”

He was trying to keep cool but his hardening cock showed that he was getting excited by the direction that things were going. “No the council doesn’t employ wardens, and I will only help you get naked and comply with the bylaw,” he stopped there, looked me in the eyes and went on, “If you really want me to.”

The ball was back in my court, but I had already crossed the Rubicon. “Please” I said smiling sweetly and walking to within range of his hands, and raising my arms up and out of the way “be my guest.”

His hands went to my shorts and slowly pulled them down over my hips, exposing my bare hard cock, and then down my legs until I stepped out of them and was totally naked.

I did a little twirl and when my ass was facing him, pushed it out in the most provocative way that I could. He stood right behind me, his hands holding my inner thighs, his cock touching the cheeks of my bottom, and kissed the back of my neck. “I think that we had better move among those rocks where we can’t be seen, he said, his voice dripping with emotion.

“I think that I had better warn that I am a virgin,” I said, “had plenty of women but you are my first guy.” He was a bit taken aback at this, so I quickly went on “So it is down to you to show me the ropes, and I want to learn everything, you will find me a quick learner.”

I was a quick learner, that afternoon we ran through the whole manual of man to man fucking, from virgin to expert before the sun went down. I have never looked back since that day. I knew exactly who I was, and followed my natural instincts which had become as clear to me as the water lapping my toes.


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