CUMSLOPPY STORY || Ass Like a Vice

I was hanging out at the mall. It was about an hour before closing. A guy approached me to ask if I knew where the bathroom is. At first I thought that was strange since there are bathroom signs on both floors. I pointed him in the direction of the closest bathroom and he walked away. He had to be about 20 years old. A few minutes later, he came back and started talking about the fine girls walking around. That was a red flag to me that told me he was testing me, so I played along. After a few minutes he asked if I could give him a ride home since the buses run an hour apart at that late hour. I agreed.

We got to the parking lot and into my pickup truck. After we got in, he slapped my chest with an open hand and said, “you look like you work out.” I knew this guy wanted to fuck. I grabbed him by the back of the head, pulled him toward me and kissed him passionately. He tried to pull away at first because of the possibility of getting caught. I suggested we go somewhere else. He said we can’t go to his place because he still lives with his family. So we drove to a dark area behind a building and out of sight.

As soon as I turned off the ignition, he caught me off guard by asking, “positive or negative?” Even though it had been a year since I had been tested, I said negative. He said he was negative too. He then shocked me by saying that he wanted to lick my ass. I told him that I had not showered since that morning and that even though I hadn’t taken a dump that day, I am not sure how clean I am down there. He still wanted to do it.

We climbed into the back of the truck and got naked. He laid down on his back and I put my ass over his face without making contact. He said that he can smell it and that he wants to lick my hole. I made full contact and he ate it while jerking off. After a few minutes I told him, I’m going to fuck you. I had some lotion in my backpack. I put some on my dick. I spread his legs and rubbed lotion on his asshole.

He told me that I have to pull out before I come. I agreed. With his knees up and spread wide open, I put my dick on his butthole and slow pushed the head it. I then stopped and felt his hole gripping the tip of my dick. That hole was sucking my dick like a mouth. I told him how good it felt and that I probably won’t last long. I pumped very slowly with just the head sawing the rim of his hole.

I did this for about 10 strokes and then pushed one time until half my dick went in. Then I pulled back until his rim was wrapped around the head of my dick. I did another 10 slow shallow strokes. He told me to stop teasing him like that. I told him that I have to keep doing it like that in order to keep from coming too soon. He told me that it hurts a little but he likes it. I told him I was going to thrust all the way into him, but I would do it slowly so that it doesn’t hurt too much. So, I slowly went all the way until I felt the end of his anus. It felt like he had another sphincter inside his ass. I forced all the way in and held it there while grinding my hips. He started to bite his bottom lip from the pain and pleasure. I started feeling like I was going to cum so I slowly pulled back.

I stuck my dick back in and this time I was going to fuck the shit out of him. I started slowly again at first. He squeezed his ass canal around my dick. That ass tingled every nerve in my dick. I could feel the cum moving in my balls and it crept up to the tip of my dick. He was moaning in pleasure. He grabbed my ass with both hands while I fucked him. I told him that I can feel the cum building up. I held still. He contracted his ass around me dick. I told him that he had better stop doing that or I was going to cum. He didn’t say anything.

I fought it as long as I could. I started fucking him hard. He was still holding onto my ass as if he didn’t want me to pull out. So, I took that to mean he was giving me permission to keep going. So I decided I’m going to keep it inside of him. We were both grunting out loud on each thrust. He knew I was about to cum. So, I just let go. I came in his ass so hard that I almost cried. He never let go of my ass. I convulsed on top of him and he came between his stomach and mine. We both were panting like dogs.

I kept my dick in him and stayed hard. He did not let me go. He held on. He told me how good it felt to have come shot into him. We kissed for a long time while I slowly kept fucking him even though I wasn’t going to come again. It just felt good to stir the cum around inside his booty. While I was slowly thrusting, I kept wondering why he would let me cum inside of him when he does not even know me. I was also wondering if he was thinking the same thing about me and why I would fuck a stranger without a condom. His cum that was between us soon dried while I was still inside of him. Eventually I had to piss. I was thinking that I should piss in his ass. So while I was still in him, I let a little piss flow into him. Then I stopped. I kept doing this little by little. The piss mixed with the cum. Eventually I pulled out and it shot everywhere. One of the best fuck I’ve ever had.

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