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By Buckhead Daddy

I have been waiting months for Liam Cole’s SLAMMED to come out on video.  With Liam, you never know what to expect, but you always know its going to be hot, over the edge, and full of cum-filled fuckholes and big fat cocks.  Add that to his filming style of dark rooms and on-camera lighting that focuses on the action, and you feel like you are participating, or at least standing right by the fuckers and watching the action.

This is one of the most extreme films made by TIM, full of hot as fuck men, breeding their way around hotel rooms, and Liam’s flat.   They even fuck with the curtains open where anyone on the street can see the action. The tops not only have long cocks, but their cocks are fat as hell, making the bottoms moan, clench the sheets, and crave for more cock.  You will have lost several loads before this almost 4 hour film is over. 

The title of the film is true to the action…holes are not fucked…they are slammed hard, with balls slapping the asses of the bottoms while they are deeply fucked.  The bottoms have nice round asses that any top would devour.  And on top of it all, there is real passion, man-to-man emotional connection, and a sense of playfulness intertwined  in the deepest and darkest acts of ass-breeding.  Liam stated about his film: SLAMMED is not for the faint-hearted, but the guys are hot as fuck and if you like intensely horned grown-up stuff, then this is for you,” promised Cole. “What Keiran puts Jon Phelps through in one night has to be seen to be believed.” And that is true.

Jon Phelps is amazing in his scenes.  I saw photos of him on the TIM blog, and thought he was hot, but those pictures don’t really do him justice.  I think he is much hotter on film.  Jon is a guy who loves to get fucked.  His hole gets stretched nice and open by Keiran in his first scene.  Keiran’s big cock makes your mouth water.

Jon’s scenes are very intense and show his craving for cock.  He stretches his fuckhole open to show you, and his top, the fleshy pleasures he offers. The slapping sounds being made while Jon gets fucked seem to ignite a craving in him for a gut-penetrating fucking like he has never had before.  His eyes get wild and he seems possessed as he releases his soul to cock buried in his ass.  Keiran later arranges a gang bang that you will never forget.   This gang bang is done in Liam’s style—twisted, deranged and intense. The scene is a pure asshole molestation of Jon. 

Another guy, Scott, a smooth-assed, deep-holed bottom is blindfolded and toyed with, then brutally fucked by both Enzo and Sebastian.  These scenes are totally over-the-top, as he is not only blindfolded, but that he also is completely submissive and longing for any cock that will deep breed him. Scott, who is totally high on fucking,  gets his hole filled with cum by Enzo,  making it the hot lube for Sebastian who later shoves his cock deep in Scott’s ass.  His hole is completely used to both top’s desires in two separate scenes.  The blindfold forces Scott to focus on his ass getting fucked as he has no other sensory input other than the sound of his ass getting slammed and the hard cock sliding in and out of his hole.

In a later scene, Anton fucks Jake, a man with an eager, boyish appeal to him.  Jake is new to TIM, this being his initiation scene. You can tell he loves getting fucked. He and Anton fuck all around the room, with all the curtains completely open on the floor-to-ceiling windows. You can clearly see people walking around outside four floors below.  At one point Jake is pinned against the window with a dick up his ass.  I can only imagine what those in an adjacent building or down on the street witnessed.  It really appealed to the voyeuristic side of my sexuality.  Anton is a power fucker and he knows how to work Jakes hole.  

This film will likely go down as another one of Liam’s masterpieces.  Its long and intense, and will take you a while to watch if you are the kind of guy that loves to cum along with the tops in the film.  The bonus cum shot scenes are hot and a great reminder of the fucking you have witnessed. Liam has always made hot films, and he just keeps getting better and better.  The selection and pairing of the guys in this video, along with the personalized and intense video work make each scene some of the best barebacking I have watched—and I watch a lot of porn.  This film is a must for any TIM fan. Trust me– you will love it.

  1. Ok film. Not the best TIM or even Liam has produced in my opinion. Some hot men – the scene with Anton is great and yes Jon is a very hot bottom. But it really didnt need to be 4 hours. All Jon’s scenes were repetitive and just too samey really. I was expecting more variety in action and in the amount of men/scenes. And Jon’s facial expressions (obv from the drug/s he was on – yes an assumption but definitely implied) kept putting me off. Anyway, that is my view – others will undoubtedly love it 🙂

  2. FUCKKKKKKKKKK! FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! This has got to go down in porn history as one of the most erotic vids ever produced. I mean jesusfuckingchirist, you could almost smell the pure raw sex. Thank you.

  3. this just illustrates how fucking feeble minded most fucking gay men are… Enzo’s Hair is too long… IS HIS HAIR FUCKING YOU!?!?!? Are you Goddamned motherfucking SERIOUS!?!??! WHAT IN THE EVER LIVING FUCK DOES HIS HAIR HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING YOU STUPID FUCKS!?!?! He is fucking the shit outta this man and you are worrying about how he looks? That’s a SERIOUS Problem! I will NEVER Understand us as gays sometimes… MY FUCKING WORD!

  4. Not terrible but disappointing in many ways. The two scenes with Scott were the best out of it all, Enzo needs a haircut though. Maybe a follow up with Scott getting gang banged in a similar way, taking loads in both ends this time slammed a little harder. John Phelps Pt 4 was also decent, the two top studs were great! This wasn’t a bad first run of its kind but needs some work next time around.

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