CUMSLOPPY STORY || Darkroom Draining

He was in a booth downstairs, a handsome older man dressed in a suit and tie….clearly just from work. i had been on the look-out since it was kind of quiet and i hadn’t seen him come in, so he was a bit of a surprise find….standing alone in a darkened booth with his cock out through his zipper, pumping it aggressively. his cock was hard and fat and uncut and about 8 inches…and clearly signalling what he wanted. i walked past his booth and made sure to indicate my interest by staring at his cock….he was clearly signaling his desire for a blowjob and i was clearly signaling my interest in giving one.

I stopped and turned and entered his booth. i reached out and pulled on his rock hard cock and peeled the foreskin back from the fat head as i pulled it back and forth with my fingers and then my hand. within seconds i was on my knees with the fat head of his cock in my mouth. he shuddered slightly and sighed deeply as i got my warm wet mouth around the head of his cock.  i pulled his foreskin back over the head and started running my tongue under it and bathing his smooth cockhead with my tongue as i sucked and chewed on his foreskin. i let the tip of my tongue outline the smooth hard head of his cock as i mouthed and sucked on his thick foreskin…pulling it back with my lips and sucking it as he commanded me. he let out a low gutteral moan and started letting me know what an obedient little cocksucker i was. i heard confirmation of what i wanted to know…that he wanted to use my mouth and pump his load down my throat….and that i wouldn’t have to wait long. clearly this was what both he and i were after and i got down to it.

Reaching inside his business pants for the rest of his bound up cock and his swollen nuts. i kissed the tip as he gripped the base and squeezed his cock hard for me to feast on. i started a great blowjob…savoring the pleasure i was giving this horny man. he held the back of my head down on his cock as i got it deep in my throat and worked the fat head over with my throat muscles. his was one of those cocks that was long enough to slide down my throat…but not too thick so i could get it all the way down. he grunted his approval and i knew it wouldn’t be long before he pumped his sperm down my throat. he got vocal and started telling me what a great little cocksucker i was…and how he wanted me to suck on his big cum-filled nuts that held a creamy 5 day load. i got down to it and took each of his balls into my mouth and then both. his verbal commands just caused me to try even harder to get his nutt and soon i was running the length of his nice cock in and out of my mouth as i pulled on the last 4 inches with my hand…creating a wet suction with my mouth and hand that always leads to a load.

He gripped my head with both hands and started fucking my face…holding my head down on his cock. with a low gutteral moan i felt his cock spurt the first of his load as he filled my mouth with thick creamy spunk. i got him down my throat and felt his cock spasm as he pumped his seed down my throat and straight into my belly. pulling back i got more of his seed load in my mouth and i pulled back and get a few spurts on my lips and dripping from my chin. his thick viscous spunk dripped from chin and dripped to the floor with a loud splat. he kept a tight grip on my head and keep up his grunting…rutting my face and throat instinctively until he started to slow and i began to slowly suckle his deflating cock in my slimy, cum-coated mouth and throat. i savored the moment of sucking the remnants of his load from his nuts as he held my head and groaned in satisfaction. “man…i needed that” was all he said as i pulled back and he zipped up and left the booth. i would walk around for the next 15 minutes with his cum dripping from my lips and chin…until i found the next cock to suck.

Courtesy of Smooth Butt, Hungry Hole. 

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  1. Very hot story……got me really hard straight away. That is something I really like… have a big hard cock down my throat with cum oozing down it. The writer gets the feeling across very well.

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