Drew and I haven’t been able to work everything out for the threesome with the other hottie yet, but he did text me while I was at work to say that he had a four day load in his ass. The other guy…we will call him Scott…had text Drew earlier in the day and said that he wanted to fuck. I didn’t get a lot of the details, but I did find out that Scott left a 4 day load in Drew’s ass and it was still in there. Drew wanted me to come by and fuck him with the load as lube.

I got off work and hurried over. Drew is the same height as me (about 6′), in ok shape, slightly hairy, nice ass. We made out for a bit and he took me to the bedroom. He stripped down and went for my crotch. He unzipped my jeans and put his mouth against my underwear covered cock. He was getting me hard and I was ready for the fuck so I stipped down and he sucked me on the bed. He lifted up my legs and rimmed me for a while…felt fucking awesome.

I had enough waiting and Drew got on his stomach. My cock was covered in his spit and I spit on his ass to lube it up a bit. I slide my finger into his hole and could definitely feel the load in there. I slid my raw cock in Drew’s tight, warm hole and there it was. I could feel a nice, big load sloshing around in there that lubed my cock up nicely.

I fucked his ass doggie style with his legs spread while he jerked his cock. He told me to hold my hand out and he came in my hand. He busted a huge load and told me to use his cum as lube to fuck him yet again. I slid my now two load covered cock back into his hole and he moaned like the dirty cumslut he was.

I fucked Drew and could feel the loads frothing on my cock and running down my balls. It felt fucking amazing. I knew Drew had to be up early so I got him off again. He came on his stomach this time while on his back. I soon after dumped a huge load into him and mixed all three of our loads together in his ass with my deflating cock. Can’t say I’ve ever fucked a guy with a load that wasn’t dumped while I was present and it was amazing.

Courtesy of Western State BB Top. 

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