CUMSLOPPY STORY || My First Time Swallowing

I was about 30 at the time, but had my first guy/guy experience when I was 20. I’m not sure if I was chicken or what but I’d never had a guy cum in my mouth. I’d sucked a few but either pulled it out and finished by jacking the guy off or he’d do it for me. Anyway, I’d been watching porn and found I was the most turned on by watching a guy cum in the mouth of a girl or guy.

I had chatted online with a guy named Bob who didn’t live too far away from me but we’d never met. Bad timing mostly. While chatting one day he noticed the addition on my profile of wanting to try my first cum swallow and offered to help. My stomach was instantly in my throat. I really wanted to try it but was worried I wouldn’t be able to. Most of my girlfriends had refused to take my cum in their mouth because of various reasons and I was worried I wouldn’t like it. Would I gag or worse?

He kept assuring me it wasn’t bad, speaking from experience, he told me what it tasted like to him, and what to expect. We talked about this for about an hour and I’ve never been harder in my life. He finally said, you know, in 15 minutes, you can find out if you really like this or not.

I made up my mind then and there to go for it, or actually, my cock made up my mind but it had rarely led me wrong. I showed up at his door a few minutes later, as nervous as I’d ever been. Meeting a guy for the first time was always stressful and this was more so because of what I intended to do. He opened the door wearing only a towel as he told me he would. He invited me in and shut the door behind me. He was a bear type of guy and I liked that. He had some gay porn going on the TV, which helped. He sat down on the couch and picked up a can of Sprite he’d taken out of the fridge. “This will help wash it down if you don’t like the taste,” he said. Damn, this guy had thought of everything. I also got the impression he wasn’t planning on letting me chicken out like I told him I was afraid I might.

He opened the towel he was wearing and there was my job. A nice 6 inch or so rock hard cock. He said our talk had worked him up and he probably wouldn’t last long but also that he hadn’t cum in a couple of days and would have a bigger than usual load.

Now or never is what I thought as I got on my knees and wrapped my fist around his cock. I stroked it a couple of times and then put it in my mouth. I first wanted to see if I could take all of him without gagging, since I was figuring he might go deep when he came involuntarily like I did. His dick was almost the perfect length for me. I could get the whole shaft in my throat without going deep enough to cause me to choke up. I sucked him for a minute or two, then pulled it out of my mouth to lick his balls, then put it back in my mouth and settled in to finish what I started. I started bobbing my head up and down with a nice rhythm and started hearing him sigh and breath a little heavier. It was an interesting mix for me. I was as nervous as I’d ever been in my life, yet I wanted this guy to cum in my mouth more than anything I’ve ever wanted.

I didn’t have to wait long as I found out he wasn’t kidding about not lasting long from our chat. A couple of minutes of my steady bobbing in his lap and I felt his hips lifting from the couch a little as his breathing got faster. He ran his fingers through my hair and put his hands on the side of my head. We had talked about me needing some encouragement and I told him I wouldn’t mind him holding my head so I didn’t change my mind at the last second. I knew I was committed to what I’d agreed to now. There was a hint of domination about the way he did it, which turned me on even more. I kept the same rhythm going, it was obvious he liked it, and then my wish came true. I felt his cock swell a little, his grip on my head tightened a little, and his hips made one last little thrust. I felt his cock start jerking in my mouth as the first jet of his cum entered my throat. I had a little trouble swallowing because he was deeper in my throat than I was used to but I managed. The initial taste was a little bitter like he had warned me, but not bad at all. His shaft jerked quite a few times and I had to swallow 3 or 4 times to keep up. He wasn’t kidding about having a good-sized load. He relaxed back into the couch as his dick stopped pumping his jizz in my mouth and I felt an intense sense of satisfaction.

We talked for a few minutes and I left, my cock still hard as a rock, but with a strange new and exciting taste in my mouth. Thanks Robert for waking me up to the taste of your loads. I think about you every time I swallow one. You taught me well.

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  1. Call—- 734-241- 4483
    I’m 65, truly want to suck a cock,first time
    I’m submissive to a point
    i want to taste cum. whats it like ?
    I want a mans dick in my mouth

  2. I’ve been gay for most of my life and I just love cum. Its what always brings me back over the fence. There is no more beautiful thing to have a nice powerful cock just explode deep in your mouth or all over your body. I personally like it everywhere. But my first experience was hot I was 18 and he was in late 20’s or so. When the first shot entered my mouth I almost hurled but didn’t and I took the full load.

  3. I’ve been a cum guzzler for over 25 years and have sucker well over 500 cocks and I still can’t get enough cum. I just love it!

  4. I didn’t have a choice the first time I took a guys load. He held me by my head and forced his load down my throat, and the taste was amazing. And I’ve been taking loads down my throat every since….being a real cum slut….and loving every minute of it

    1. I swallowed my first cum load about six months ago. I’ve been bred a few times, and I’ve sucked a few cocks, but I was always a little reluctant to let them cum in my mouth. Six months ago I was going to town sucking this old guys cock, and he ask me if I wanted to swallow. I was so horny that I never stopped to answer, and just kept sucking. His cock started to swell, which made me deep throat, and hold it there. That was when I felt his cock spasm, and I knew he was shooting his load right down my throat into my belly. Now I can’t get enough cum down my throat.

      1. I’m a little curious myself! I’ve thought about what it would be like not only to see another guys erection,but also touch it everywhere from the top of the head to the base and balls, and slowly replace my fingers with my tongue. I would run my tongue over every inch of it. I only would do this with a6-6and ahalf inch cock with NO PUBES. I do hope it happens one day.

  5. I dont even remember the first time i swallowed, I have gulped gallons of cum into my body.

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