CUMSLOPPY STORY || Basement Laundry Room Fuck

I’ve had a few garage/basement experiences… always a hot scene. Had one guy have me come over to his place one summer afternoon. He told me to text him when I had parked and was close to his place. His roommate (boyfriend? who knows) was home and he didn’t want him to know what was going on. He was getting his clothes together so he could go down and start a load of laundry (which was the excuse he was using to get me down there). He had me come to the side door of the building, and opened up the door after I texted him, and took me down into the basement to the laundry room. It was a 6 unit building so we were taking a chance that none of the other renters would decide to come down to use the machines.

Didn’t take long to get me down on my knees and working his cock. He unzipped his jeans and out flopped this hard uncut black dick, long and smooth and veiny. It was already hard as hell. I guess it was shaped like a torpedo. He grabbed the back of my head and started deep throating me with that big dick, as I did my best to get it wet and dripping, all the time struggling to keep up with his deep thrusts. He was a horny and very demanding fucker.

Soon enough he had me stand up. He yanked down my shorts and underwear together, exposing my hungry ass for his inspection. He pushed me over so I was laying on a table, and without much if any romance, slid that HUGE cock up my hole, burying it deep, as he grabbed my shoulders and really started pounding away. I struggled to keep quiet because of the neighbors, but I really wanted to shout out because of the dick punishment my asshole was receiving. I was hard as hell as well, dripping precum as he continued to pump away. He would occasionally pull all the way out and slap his hard erect dick against my ass cheeks before positioning it again at my quivering hole and slamming all the way back in to his balls. He built up a strong rhythm saying “That’s my pussy boy” “Take that dick, fucker” “Yeah fuckin’ fag boy – gonna give you this big load.” And suddenly he shot, huge juicy pulsations of cum blowing deep into my ass, my shirt caught-up around my neck, his bare chest rubbing against mine while he rutted up in my ass.

After his cock stopped pumping he kept it up in there planted all the way up my ass as he reached around, grabbed my dick and started vigorously stroking my cock, his other hand cupped under to catch my cum. Of course I shot almost immediately, my load blowing in the palm of his hand. He presented the load to me, and of course I lapped it up, all the while his hard cock was still throbbing up in my hole.

When his hand was clean, he stepped back and let his dick slowly slide out of my sore ass. Cum flowed-out. He he pushed it back with his cock saying “Yeah buddy – that’s all me up in there.” Then he pulled up his pants, threw his shirt back on and said I needed to get going as his roomie (boyfriend?) would be wondering what was taking him so long down in the basement. I never had the pleasure of getting his cock again: he moved away before the summer was over. Ah well. It was still one hot fuck!

Courtesy of Breedingzone. 

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