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By now I’ve taken thousands of photographs of hundreds of men.  Some of them I’ve posted on the website  One of the interesting elements of flickr is that it tallies the popularity of your photos.  Currently I have over 1200 photos posted with nearly 5,000,000 views.  Here are the five photos that are, by far, the most viewed, favorited and commented upon.

These aren’t my personal favorites (I’ll post those next week).  I’m surprised that these five are the ones that people like the most.  

The first two are of a full-scholarship college football player that I called “Isaac”.  I was fortunate to be the first person to shoot nudes of him.  These were shot in my favorite location, a cheap motel room.

The third most popular photo is of the perfect furry ass of a young straight man.  Yes, he’s absolutely straight, has never been touched by a man—well, except for me:  as I photographed him I took the opportunity to fondle him.  The privilege of being in the right place at the right time. 

The fourth pic is of a man who was for a while an escort in San Francisco.  When he came in to be photographed I’d had a hard day and couldn’t think of anything interesting to do with him.  So I cleared off my desk and had him recline on it.  

And the fifth most popular picture is of a man’s cock.  We’d tied him up for the shoot.  We lubed up his cock and stroked him until his cock grew fat.  As I mention in the text for the picture on flickr, we were all completely surprised by how large it got.  

It surprised me that of all the photos I’ve taken, many of which were of horse-hung studs, the ones that were most popular were for the most part of men with relatively small cocks.  

Next week, my personal favorites of the nudes I’ve shot.

–Paul Morris

  1. Hi Paul, I was wondering if your personal favorite nudes you said you’d be posting are on yet?

  2. I LOVE the first guy and the last guy with the huge swollen cock, would love to try to get DP’d by them.

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