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FUCKTARDS, the latest shocker from infamous producer Paul Morris, asks this: Have you ever been fucked retarded? Have you ever woken up and asked yourself, “Did that really happen—did I really do that?” Have you ever felt controlled by the impulses from your dick? Have you ever noticed that your IQ drops well below average when your dick is throbbing? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this movie was made for you.

Paul Morris continues to push the limits of men, because he can. Paul has a divine gift for reaching into the guts of men and pulling out the evil truth. From photographing to interviewing, from casting to directing, Paul is non-stop. His commitment to the visual documentation of men and sex continues to border on insanity. Paul Morris Productions has single-handedly changed the way our culture views pornography. FUCKTARDS is just the latest in his ongoing efforts to incite social uprising and sexual revolution.

The artificial sex culture of today, such as that found on Grindr and A4A, leaves little hope for any return to a genuine sex culture like that of the 1960s or 70s. That’s why Paul Morris is committed to bringing you images of what a real sex culture can look like. “FUCKTARD” is a state of mind, a state we are all capable of obtaining.

T.I.M. is more a cult than a porn studio and as the cult continues to grow, so does its stable of men. During the filming of FUCKTARDS, several men signed exclusive contracts with T.I.M. One of them was The Fucktard himself. Jay Elliot—or, as we now call him, The Fucktard—brings a refreshing sexual energy to the screen. When I first met The Fucktard, he stumbled into the room; I could see he had already been drinking. He disclosed to me that he’d just come from a bathhouse where he had already been fucked. For him this all just seemed commonplace. I am reminded that when you do something well, you tend to do it over and over; whatever you naturally do, you will become expert at. Jay Elliot has become the official expert of noble stupidity. He does it over and over, and we can’t get enough.

FUCKTARDS was my first big project working here at Treasure Island Media. My mistakes were many and for each one I made, I got closer to the essence of the film. The name of the film is as much about the men in front of the camera as it is about the men behind. A symbiotic relationship was established between the men, the camera, and the crew throughout the filming of this project. In a way, each and every one of us has become a Fucktard. Everyone involved in this project has dedicated his life, in one way or another, to the pursuit of sex: The men who fuck in front of the camera, the men who film the fucking, the editors who sculpt the raw material, and the producer who brings it all to life.

One of my mistakes was shooting the scene with Luca and John Dahl while wearing bright red shorts. It was a warm summer day and I had just bought these red cotton shorts. It never occurred to me that I shouldn’t wear bright colors while filming men fucking. Later, while watching the footage in Paul’s office, I was mortified every time I saw my shorts pop out from behind the action. “What were you thinking?” Paul asked me, as I slid down further in my chair to hide my embarrassment.

Learning from the master to shoot men fucking is about as easy as getting your black belt in karate. Deprogramming and reprogramming must happen. Each time Paul sent me out with the camera, I felt as if my life depended on the quality of what I brought back. One thing I’ve learned is never to turn off the camera. You never know when something is going to happen that you will want to see later. Several of the bonus scenes in FUCKTARDS are such moments. One is a monologue with The Fucktard, where he talks about spending three days in a sex club in Berlin, and the second is a scene where you see Trevor turn into a hypnotized schoolboy as he stares at Ethan Wolfe’s massive dick.

FUCKTARDS leaves little to the imagination and, because of this, it should be seen as a documentary of the noble stupidity of men, doing what men do. On some level, all honest men can identify with this movie. Paul reminds us that this type of fucking is and can be a reality. When you finally let go of any desire to control your impulses, you will have succumbed at last to the pleasure-seeking organism that you truly are.



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  1. I like Jay Elliot. He’s a little shit. He actually made me laugh in the scene with Chris Kohl. I saw Chris Kohl in another video and thought the same thing. Like geezus…yeah this guy has been fucked a time or two lmao I like Trasher too. Trasher and Fucktard. Sounds horrible saying these names out loud and sober.

  2. I love that TIM has tried to make sense of thinking with you cock not your brain.

  3. Reading Pony’s above post about “Fucktards” has given me a big boner to start the day. The drive to work will be a wet and sticky one. Thanks, Pirates.

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