CUMSLOPPY STORY || Fare Trade part 2

I crawled out of the back seat of the cab, closed the door, and followed the cabbie around the front of the taxi, to the side of the last bus in the row. He stepped between the bus and chain linked fence, had me step around him, and then he pulled open the bus door, which was already slightly ajar. By the time I got into the bus, the cabbie was already dropping his pants and his big uncut dick was ready and waiting. I started to get on my knees when the cabbie said, “No.” I stopped, not sure what he wanted or meant, but took a chance, dropped my pants, and presented him ass.

My white ass shown like the moon in the pale light inside the bus, and I put my hands on the back of the seats on other side of the aisle and bent over as far as I could. “Do you still have cum up there?” the cabbie asked, “Tell me how they fucked you. Tell me how you were bad. Tell me about their cum.”

“I have so much cum in my ass,” I told the cabbie, “They fucked me over and over just to lube me up for you. Want to feel their cum? Want to fuck me? Want to shoot your cum up there too?” The cabbie answered by pulling my cheeks apart and rubbing his dick around my wet hole. He reached down and I turned and saw him fishing around in his pants pocket as he pulled out a condom and stood up and began tearing it open. “No man,” I said. “No condom, just fuck me raw, I want to feel you push their cum deeper and then I want yours too, PLEASE – then I will suck you again, I promise, I will lick you clean.” The cabbie hesitated, so I said, “Think how good it will feel to just fuck it. I bet it has been a long time since you felt a nice hot hole milk your dick, hasn’t it. Just try it. Stick it in and if you don’t like then we can stop and you can put that on.”

I bent back over, pulled my cheeks apart, and waited as the cabbie thought about what I said. What was he thinking about? His wife? The risk? I didn’t care, I just wanted it bareback and started moving my ass around a bit as my hunger heated up. I reached back, found his still raw dick. He did not stop me. I lined his now very hard dick up with my wet hole. He did not stop me. I slid my hand away and backed up on his raw dick, hearing it plop into my wet ass. He did not stop me. Now I began to work my hole and ride his dick.

The cabbie grabbed the seats as I rode his dick bareback. His moaning and groaning told me he would not be stopping so I focused on flexing my hole and giving him some ass to remember. I thought he would last a while since I had swallowed a huge load already, but he didn’t, and soon his breathing and moaning picked up its pace. “Give me your cum, that’s it, that’s it, add your load to my ass, come on, give it to me, give it to me!” I laid back on the seat and let him watch his raw dick plow into me. The cabbie tensed and without saying a word his dick swelled and he gave me a hot sticky load up my ass, so I flexed my ass and slid up and down his dick, making his breaths came out in little bursts of air. I pulled my dripping ass off his dick, knelt down, and took his whole dick in my mouth to lick him clean. He was still grabbing the back of the bus seats when I finished and stood up. The cabbie let out a big sigh, and I smiled and said, “See, I told you you would enjoy that.”

We climbed out of the bus and got back in the taxi. The cabbie lit up a cigarette and was enjoying the afterglow, but I was still horned up and asked, “Can you fuck again? I want some more man.” He shook his head no, but a minute later put his cigarette out, dialed his phone, and started speaking to someone in a language I did not know. The cabbie hung up, lit another cigarette, and by now I was just getting aggravated and wanted to go home. I started to say something when the cabbie interrupted me, “Do you want some more?” Of course I did, I already told him that, but said, “Yeah man, love being fucked and taking cum and would love some more.” He nodded, lit up another cigarette, and when he was about half way though the inside of the taxi was lit up as a set of headlights started coming towards us down the parking lot aisle.

The cabbie looked in his rearview mirror, got out of the cab, and when the other car stopped he walked around to the driver’s side. The other car was a taxi too and as they were talking a third taxi pulled up behind the second one and a guy got out to join my cabbie and the other driver. I was not sure what was going on but soon my cabbie came back, opened the back door and said, “My friends, they want to have fun too, “and then in a lower voice, “They want to cum too, no condom. I told them you would ask them wear one, but they should pretend to, and then when you bend over to do it without. OK?” I smiled wide and said, “FUCK YEAH! I can play that.”

I climbed back into the bus, pulled my pants off, and bent over. My ass was nice and wet and was about to get some more raw dick from a couple of horny cab drivers. Guess my weekend was going to end pretty well after all and the cabbie better not charge me a fare when he drops me off at home, although I think I will give him a nice tip.

Courtesy of Breedingzone. 

  1. Great stuff ! I enjoyed the first episode but this was even better. Is there a third episode ?
    Seems like the cabbie can fuck for ever. Love the raw sex…..just as I like to get a load !

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