Paul’s Newest Bad Boy || Meet Drew Sebastian

Paul Morris nabs yet another one, signing  bad boy Drew Sebastian as the newest top-stud to join his army of exclusive men. Drew makes his Treasure Island Media today on, where he plows the living daylights out of fellow T.I.M. exclusive John Dahl with his cut, pierced and hole-hungry 9.5″ cock.

A self-described “total exhibitionist,” 37 year old Sebastian has been working in the sex industry as an escort since he was 23. Although he’s done some amateur videos, his TIMFuck appearance marks his professional porn debut.

When he made the decision to jump into porn, Sebastian applied to a few studios and immediately received offers, but held out for Treasure Island Media. “Paul’s call was the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me,” pronounced Sebastian. “Every time I watch a T.I.M. vid, I feel an overwhelming pull to become part of the cult—and now I am!”

That enthusiasm is no small part of what inspired Morris to make the exclusive offer. “The first thing Drew told me is that he’s into ‘literally everything, and more,'” recalled the iconic director, who added ominously, “Now he’s all mine, and I can hardly wait to see if the word ‘literally’ means what he thinks it does.”



  1. I would give my ass up in the air for you all night ling blidefolde any time. :- ) I have a lot ass pic . Let mm e know it is round wet and super warm. Your cock will melt inside me.

  2. I have two favorite gay porn stars. Number 1 is Drew Sebastain and number 2 is Lito Cruz. I would love to be double penetrated by them

  3. Fukn HOT, Sir.
    i would very much like to get to know Drew much, much better, Sir — on a much more personal, much more intimate basis — to include, but certainly not be limited to — an ass-stretching, cumh@le filling session. Perhaps W/we could meet initially with me waiting for Drew laying completely nude, underneath my rimseat.
    Drew is fukn HOT, Sir.

  4. he’s so fucking gorgeous… the total package is an A+ i soo want to meet the man

  5. That is one lush bloke! He’s got everything I like….. a beard, a washboard stomach, a dirty smile, a shaved head, and a huge cock to punish your hole with. And when he cums, he shoots it deep into your guts. Heaven! I’m glad TIM is going back a bit more to its real men roots. The turn on in the first few TIM movies was that they depicted sex as you or I would have it, a bit dirty with real men, not all gym bunnied up, shaved, perfect, professional hustler types who are about as sexy as the underwear section in a catalogue. An irony really, seeing as Drew is an escort. I’ve never paid for company, but for him, I’d make an exception. Fucking LUSH!

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