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By Buckhead  Daddy


I love good porn.  And Paul Morris produces the best around.  His new production, FUCKTARDS, is one of the best I have seen.  It has a hot mix of man on man, man on boy, boy on boy with intense bare fucking and breeding.  I really had no favorite scene.  They were all hot and unique.  The direction by Paul Morris, and the camera work was pristine.  Pure, raw sex was captured with the sweat and emotion only experienced when men do what they want to do with sex.

The film was full of power fucking scenes—the kind of scenes where you wonder where pleasure and pain cross each other during the sex.  The gang bang scenes were intense, with big fat cocks pulverizing Chris Kohl’s  and Jackson Taylor’s fuckholes.  The double penetration scene with Kohl opened him up in such a way that his hole became a bucket for their cum dumps at the end.

I was so turned on watching Ty Roberts fuck Sunny, a street whore, who obviously couldn’t handle a big cock.  His moaning, grimacing and screaming was intense while Ty powerfucked his eager, but clueless ass.  The power and intensity of this scene set me over the edge, shooting a hot load all over my glass topped desk.  While I generally don’t like screaming “women” in gay porn, the scene had a sleazy perversion that I loved.

After taking a break, I pursued further into this video, and watched big, burly Chad Brock fuck the hell out of Patrick O’Conner who was blindfolded.   Chad got a good rhythm going as he slipped his rock hard dick in and out of Patrick’s hole.  Chad pushed him around and put a big wad of cum up his ass…and then continued to fuck his sweet hole more.

The Man-Boy and Boy-Boy scenes were great!  Talk about aggressive fucking—these guys worked it hard.  In the scene called “Anger Fuck”, Ethan Wolfe slams Luke Bennett into the bed, using a choke hold then covering his face with a pillow.  Like the crew, it looked like he was going to suffocate him while he was fucking him.  Luke clearly liked the experience, and Ethan gave him what he wanted.  In the bonus section, Luke shows you his greasy fuckhole, almost as if he is inviting you to fuck him.  Loved it!

Young Jackson Taylor gets fucked good by Daddy Nick Moretti in an intense Man-Boy scene.  Moretti uses Jackson’s hole to his pleasure, eventually working a huge dildo in his ass, as if his big cock wasn’t enough.  Jackson is a hot boy, young and tender, and I loved seeing him get used by Moretti.  His sexy ass and hairy legs in the air were what every daddy wants in his boy.  And Jackson delivered. Jackson gets numerous cocks in a later scene where he is group fucked by a number of ass hungry men.

There are other scenes in this 3 hour video that will blow your mind.  I could write a book about this film as it shows more and more of the male sexual psyche, and champions the reality of men breeding men in pure sexual pleasure.

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