No Use Crying Over COLBY KELLER’S Spilt Milk

Mainstream gay porn superstar Colby Keller chose to participate in our latest release “Milk It” where five brave men submit themselves to hours of relentless edging, bondage, forced milkings, apple polishing, cum control and cum denial. In Colby’s scene he is voluntarily bound to a Saint Andrew’s Cross and submits himself to Morgan Black’s relentless dose of pleasure.

His participation in the scene has created quite a stir among bloggers and others in the adult industry. Most wondering has he switched from a “safer-sex advocate” over to the “dark side”, that is Treasure Island?

Every man has decisions to make in their lives – Left or right at the light?; Boxer or briefs?;  Wheaties or Fruit Loops?; Bareback or not? We knew from the start that Colby would choose to not participate in any bareback scenes. This did not mean we couldn’t work with him, instead we found a niche that our hot friend could squeeze into.

Contrary to popular belief Treasure Island Media is not fueled on converting their models into “positive disease spreaders”. Treasure Island represents a cult-like following of raw pleasure seekers. The uproar surrounding Colby’s participation with our studio is a representation of some people in the gay community’s closed mindedness surrounding HIV. It’s a choice: if you want to stay negative stay negative, if you want to be positive be positive. You choose your risk level, you drive your destiny. We do not judge either way and from his recent blog post, it sounds like Colby agrees.

The men who watch our films are pleasure seekers. We simply document the sexual experiences that provide such pleasure. Call it: a fantasy, a way of life, a death sentence… its up to our fans what meaning they assign to our films. As Colby says himself, his participation with TIM has been “enlightening” and far from terrifying.

We have one goal here at TIM. That is to take our men and cult through an experience by providing either a way of life that respects individuality and personal choice or a glimpse into that culture.

So boys & girls lets stop crying over Colby’s spilt milk and start enjoying his rich & creamy moo juice. Milk It is available now, exclusively at 



  1. People can be so ignorant. For a ‘community’ that is always seeking tolerance and acceptance some can be so close minded and flat out rude.

    1. Very true. It’s because those people deep down inside are just plain scared. And a lot of them secretly wish they were converted so they could enjoy sex without being terrified anymore.

      1. Agreed guys, life is scary enough, so we don’t really enjoy it, for trying to be protection hounds… Or getting on our soapboxes and becoming judges, we need to be careful, we may become the very people that judge us for being gay.

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