CUMSLOPPY STORY || Early Morning Cum

Groggily, I shifted my body atop our memory foam mattress and tugged the white down comforter up, bunching it under my chin and curling over. I grunted disapprovingly. I just wanted a few more minutes of sleep before it was time to start the day.

I knew that Jeff was jostling me, but in my near sleep-state, I didn’t really register exactly what – or, better put – where he was doing things to me. In a crystallizing moment of clarity, my mind and body finally began to communicate, and I realized something was going on ‘down south’.

As I awakened further, I felt a gentle, but very pleasant tugging and nuzzling of my soft prick. I could feel warmth and moisture, and it finally dawned on me that I was getting my dick sucked. I smiled and rolled over onto my back, stretching out my legs and folding my arms behind my head. Still not fully cognizant, I felt my happy little early morning cock growing and stretching to full attention.

Jeff’s tongue was lapping at my cockshaft like a kitten cleaning its paw. The repeated tickling sensation was driving me crazy. Soon enough, I was fully awake, but I kept my eyes closed. It seemed like adding the sense of sight to my limited array of perception would in some way detract from the sole sense of touch I was focusing on.

Jeff now had me in his mouth, sucking me pretty forcefully. My hips were writhing atop the sheets, my ass pressing down into the foam of the mattress as I gyrated with the pleasure the good morning hummer I was receiving.

Jeff hadn’t sucked my cock like this in years. Maybe, he’d never sucked it like this. He was propelling his face up and down on my swollen member like a woodpecker boring into a tree trunk with its beak. I was squirming involuntarily now, riding my pelvis up and down in motions opposite the rapid pumping of his mouth, effectively fucking his throat with my thick prick.

Jeff was moaning and cooing between gulps of saliva and jerking gags as I pounded into the back of his throat. I felt him place the palm of one hand on my hip, attempting to steady and ease my furious bucking motions. But I couldn’t be had. I was lost in it now, and I could feel that slow warmth rising in my belly. I wanted to come. I wanted to come bad.

Jeff continued to fuck me with his mouth right on through my orgasm. I reached down and grabbed the top of his head as I came, holding him fast to my crotch, his nose and lips buried in my pubes as I fired away shot after shot of early morning cum into the back of his warm, soft throat. He gulped and gagged some more as I released, attempting to swallow every drop of my seed as I treated him to a special breakfast.

When the motions of my heaving cock finally ceased, I let go of his head and allowed him to ease off of my prick and catch his breath. I finally opened my eyes and allowed them to adjust to the image of Jeff’s smiling face; he was smearing free the last few trickles of cum from his lips with the back of his hand.

“Good morning,” I yawned, stretching my arms up toward the headboard.

“Good morning,” Jeff spewed back, rubbing his hands along my stomach and chest.

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  1. Fuck, what a way to start the day. Yea, it’s wonderful to have a hot mouth wrapped around my dick in the morning, and hearing the slurping and sucking sounds of a man enjoying my morning wood. I have also gone down on several guys in the morning. Crawling underneath the covers and taking his soft cock in my mouth, working my tongue in his piss slit. And getting a groggy “And good morning to you too.” Then getting rewarded with his hot load down my throat….Yum

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