CUMSLOPPY STORY || Hitting The Spot

I was standing taking a piss when this older dude walked in and stood at the urinal. It was one the old style long one that was open. He pulled out his cock and started to piss. I snuck a peek. His cock was huge, since he was pissing he was still soft, still it must have been 7 inches long.

I did have some basic jack off sessions with my buddies when I was younger, but never thought about getting turned on by a guy cock.

He was just finished up taking his piss and said “Hello”. I nodded back. He did not put his cock away. He just kept trying to squeeze the last bit of piss out.

I did not want to put my cock away and I started to get hard. I looked over at him and just smiled back and now started to stroke his cock. His cock was cut and had a nice head and by now he was fully hard. It was at least 9 inches and about 2.5 inches thick.

He asked if I wanted to get a closer look and walked over to me. I reached out and slid my hand up and down the shaft. He did the same to my cock. My girl friend always told me that I had the biggest cock she had seen, but it was small compared to what I was holding.

The guy pulled me over to the handicap stall and pushed me down on the john. He placed his hands on both side of my head. My mouth opened up without me even thinking about what I was doing. He slid that cock into my mouth and stopped just short of me gagging. He did not move and I started suck on it like it was meant to be. He was large enough that it hurt my jaw. After sucking him for a few minutes, he pulled me up and dropped to his knees and sucked my cock down his throat.

I have had many BJs from my girl friend, but this guy sucked my cock better than any one else. I was just about ready to cum when he pulled off and turned me around. He then pulled my pants down to my knees. He spread my ass and slipped his tongue between and licked at my ass hole. God, this felt un-fucking believable. I grabbed my cock and started to JO. He slapped my hand away and told me not touch my cock, he was going to make me cum without either of us touching my cock. I wondered what he meant.

By now my ass hole was really feeling wet and relaxed. He stood up and humped his cock up against my ass cheeks and said in my ear.” Have you ever been fucked up the ass?” Well hell no I have never even had a finger in my ass. “Well pretty boy you are now.” I felt the head push up against my hole and I knew it would not go in, I was too tight. Then the next thing I know is this guy’s cock head is in my hole and it hurts like hell. I told him to take it out. “Relax, you will get used to it” Slowly he started to fuck in and out. Each time going in he would slide just a bit further. I was starting to relax and open up.

I could feel his cock hit something in my ass and it felt really good. He was now about half way in and since I had been bending over hanging onto the toilet he pulled me up as if I was standing in front of him and he shoved the rest of cock up my ass. It hurt again, but he did not move for a minutes until I got a accustomed to the fit. He was whispering in my ear, saying stuff like “Are you my little pussy boy whore and you like me fucking your boy pussy.” He started to give me a regular in and out with his entire length of that big cock. My cock was rock hard and my pre-cum was dripping of the end. I remember him say that he would make me cum without either of us touching my cock.

He kept pounding my ass and talking dirty to me, I felt my balls start to pull up and I knew I was going to cum. “Hey, I going cum” He then grabbed my hips and sinks his cock to bottom and my cock started to shoot cum. I had never cum that much in my life. I reached down and grabbed my cock and started JO and I came again. The guy leaned forward and said “I told you I could make you cum with out touching your cock.” He grabbed on to my hips and slid his cock up into me again and then pulled his cock completely out of my ass hole. I could feel the cold air. He then told me “Get ready for your fucking,” and shoved the cock back up inside me. He gave me 10 or 12 more good fucks up in me. “I am Cumming pretty boy, take my cum up you pussy hole.” I felt his cock twitch and felt the cum shoot into my ass.

He stood there for a while with his cock up my ass and neither of us moved. His cock finally slid out and cum dripped from my ass. He reached down and slid his fingers up and down my cracked and said “You are great fuck!” I turned to look at his cock and thought to myself. “Well I guess I liked being fucked and as much as I like to fuck”

He just put his cock back in his pants and said “See ya around,” and he walked out of the rest room. I went on in life pretty much as a hetero, but every so often I look over when I guy is taking piss next me, maybe some day I will see a big cock that wants to make me cum.

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