I was at my fuck buddies place Friday night. We’re both married so meeting isn’t all that regular but when it works, its hot. I usually suck him off or he’ll fuck me at times too. Tonight after sucking him for a bit he asked me what I was thinking while his cock was in my mouth, “You fucking me” was my honest answer.

He got up and led me to the bedroom and I knew I was in for a good night, I just didn’t know how good yet. We started with me on my back. Not getting dick on a regular basis, it takes a few minutes for my hole to open and he’s good at taking his time. Once I had relaxed and was able to take him all we swapped to doggy, which is my favorite. He alternated between slamming it in me and easing it in and out which always makes me go cock crazy. At some point I started pushing back against him, which usually drives him over the top, but he had other ideas in mind tonight.

He leaned into me and eased my legs out straight. I ended up laying on my stomach, flat, with him on top, dick still in my hole. The angle of his cock and my ass didn’t quite line up and every time he thrust into me, I could feel my butt getting stretched a bit. I loved the feeling, it was the best fucking I’ve ever had, and he’s given me some pretty good ones. He had all the control, all I could do was lay there and take it, and damn it turned me on. He fucked me like this for a solid fifteen minutes or so, slowing down to keep from cumming and taking back off, his control has always been outstanding.

All this odd angle fucking had really given me some different sensations and I had to concentrate to keep from cumming myself. I started asking, and then I sounded almost like I was begging for him to cum in me. We’ve known each other for years and built up enough trust to bareback. He started giving my ass some really hard thrusts and was hitting bottom, it felt like, and it hurt so good. After a minute or so of really deep fucking, he slammed it all the way home and ground it deep in me. I could feel his cock jerking hard as he came.

He lay on top of me for a minute and eased off. I could feel a drop or two of his cum trickle from my ass. I reached back and was shocked at how my hole felt. The stretching sensation I had felt was definitely real. My hole was gaped open like never before. I slipped two fingers in me, and they kind of fell in. I added a third and finally a fourth. Although there was no pain while he was fucking me, the odd alignment had caused my hole to be fucked wide open. I loved the feeling and when he came out of the bathroom I was still on my stomach, playing with my hole, with his cum trickling out of me.

I’ve found my new favorite position, put me on my stomach anytime and have your way with me.

Courtesy of StickyPen.


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