Milk Does A Body Good.

For all those milk lovers out there who need a little boost of calcium & protein in their life, we’ve pulled this extra special scene, to share with you. Enjoy the warm, creamy flavor of “Feeding The Young,” from Bone Deep. 

“Muscleman MARK DIXON squirts a gut full of milk out from his ass into a glass held by cute young HAL. This pigboy guzzles down every nourishing drop of MARK‘s assmilk. Then enter KEER to fuck MARK, pounding gouts of milk right out of that big muscular ass. And HAL happily slurps it all up underneath. Finally, KEER fucks a load up MARK‘s muscle-ass and HAL felches everything clean. The kid was hungry!”

milking  present participle of milk (Verb)

  1. Draw milk from.
  2. (of an animal, esp. a cow) Produce or yield milk.

forced milking (Verb)

  1. When you tie up a guy and jack him off repeatedly without stopping. After he cums a couple times, he’ll become overly sensitive, and continuing to jack him is pretty intense     overstimulation, so the body’s natural reaction is to move away. That’s why it’s important to tie him down first. Usually found in bdsm encounters.k.

chocolate milk (Noun)

  1. The sexual practise of administering a milk enema, which is then sprayed directly from the recipients anus into the mouth of a sexual partner, either to be consumed or spat out.

milk (Noun / Verb)

  1. to press or draw milk from the udder
  2. to extract something from as if by milking
  3. to get something from; exploit:
  4. to extract; draw out:
  1. an opaque white liquid secreted and served for the nourishment
  2. (of an animal, esp. a cow) Produce or yield milk.


  1. FUCK THAT IS HOT!!! I want to smoke some weed with Keer before he pounds and breeds me stupid with that giant cock. Hal, you are one hot pig boy and Mark – you lucky fucker!

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