CUMSLOPPY STORY || Open-Door Party. Part 1

I was feeling particularly horny last night memories of my filthy weekend in Blackpool lived on, so I advertised on a few sites that I’d be having an open door party at my place. I gave my address, my cell phone, and said that the door would be open between 8pm and 9.30pm. When I got home from work, I showered, douched, lubed my hole, at at 7.55pm, I unlocked the front door. I went to my room, closed the curtains, turned off the light, and lit a few tea lights around the room, giving a dim flickering glow. I put on some dance / techno music on low to add a rhythm to the room. Positioning myself on my bed, I pulled down my blindfold, and offered my hole in the air – and waited.

CSS Open Door Party 1

At 8.15, I heard the door open, and as I heard footsteps on the stairs, I took a few deep hits of poppers, my door opened, and I heard someone enter, and start taking his clothing off. A few moments later, I felt the biggest thickest cock ram deep into my hole… it hurt like hell, so I took some more poppers, and pushed back onto it. The guy loved it, and soon picked up a rhythm to match the music. Before long, I realized that there wasn’t just one guy in my room, but two… the big cock pulled out, and a slimmer, but longer knob slammed into me, quite taking my breath away. I hadn’t said in my on-line postings if I was into bb or playing safe, but as there were no condoms in my room, I inwardly hoped that everyone would play raw. I reached around to feel this long schlong probing my hole, and realized there was no rubber on…. YEAH! I snorted some more poppers and began to buck my hips with the rhythm. The long dick pulled out, and was again replaced by the super thick one… after a few minutes, the guy rammed in deep, groaned loudly, and dumped his seed. He slowly pulled out, and was replaced again by slim long dick.

CSS Open Door Party 1

Snorting on some more poppers, the thought of being this anonymous cumdump really got me going… the guy screwed me a bit more, and before long I wasn’t on all fours anymore, I was laying on my bed, spread-eagle, the guy on top of me with all his weight. He ploughed his cock into me, pulling it all the way out, before slamming it all the way back in until his balls slapped against my freshly shaven bum cheeks. It wasn’t long before he grabbed my hips, and stuffed it into me deep one last time before releasing his fuck muck deep into my creampie hole. He pulled out, slapped me on the arse. I lay there groaning, high on poppers, loving it. The two guys dressed and left the house.

CSS Open Door Party 1

As I lay there pondering how many I’d get that night, and if I should go out to get some more loads. I kept huffing poppers, relishing the intensity. I suppose I’m a total cum-popper- whore. I took the blindfold off for a moment, looked over my shoulder and smiled as I caught sight of my bum and hole in the gently seductive glow of the candles… and noticed a condom by the side of me, with a knot in it, and juice inside it. I was surprised because both the guys who’d just left both had done me raw. I bit the knot off the top, and poured the spunk over my hole. Waste not, want not! I lay down again, thinking about the special advantages of cum-as-lube. I had no idea’s whose it was, but hey.

Courtesy of BreedingZone.


  1. Totally LOVE to do the same thing here!!….but would also LOVE to
    have someone whore me out to anyone he wants to! Anyone interested?

  2. “I suppose I’m a total cum-popper- whore.”. I can share that feeling and it’s hot feeling ! I have done same thing in hotel rooms.

  3. Wish TIM did piss-fucks. I love EVERYTHING that cums out of a dick! Feeling dick after dick cum and piss in your hole is wonderful!! And the expression on the guys’ faces as they unload into you is priceless!

    1. Totally agree with U there….done that a few times and just LOVE it!
      …so if U need a total pig, hit me up!….blindfolded and totally anonymous is best!

  4. This is one of my fantasies for sure. Being blindfolded and fucked by multiple anonymous cocks. Taking as many loads as possible

  5. fantasy fantasy, te receipee tp gte murdered or roped before raped. You need a friend guard! but yes that must be something to do

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